Software update: SQLite 3.35.5

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SQLite is a database system developed in C that can be used as a database for websites and embedded applications, among other things. According to the developers, SQLite requires no installation and administration, supports databases up to two terabytes in size and stores an entire database in one file. Furthermore, it supports almost the full SQL92 specification and it is easy via, among others Tcl/Tk to guide. The developer has released version 3.35.5 with the following list of changes:

Version 3.35.5

  • Fix defects in the new ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN feature that could corrupt the database file.
  • Fix an obscure query optimizer problem that might cause an incorrect query result.

Version 3.35.4

  • Fix a defect in the query planner optimization identified by item 8b above. Ticket de7db14784a08053.
  • Fix a defect in the new RETURNING syntax. Ticket 132994c8b1063bfb.
  • Fix the new RETURNING feature so that it raises an error if one of the terms in the RETURNING clause references a unknown table, instead of silently ignoring that error.
  • Fix an assertion associated with aggregate function processing that was incorrectly triggered by the push-down optimization.

Version 3.35.3

  • Enhance the OP_OpenDup opcode of the bytecode engine so that it works even if the cursor being duplicated itself came from OP_OpenDup. Fix for ticket bb8a9fd4a9b7fce5. This problem only came to light due to the recent MATERIALIZED hint enhancement.
  • When materializing correlated common table expressions, do so separately for each use case, as that is required for correctness. This fixes a problem that was introduced by the MATERIALIZED hint enhancement.
  • Fix a problem in the filename normalizer of the unix VFS.
  • Fix the “box” output mode in the CLI so that it works with statements that returns one or more rows of zero columns (such as PRAGMA incremental_vacuum). Forum post afbbcb5b72.
  • Improvements to error messages generated by faulty common table expressions. Forum post aa5a0431c99e.
  • Fix some incorrect assert() statements.
  • Fix to the SELECT statement syntax diagram so that the FROM clause syntax is shown correctly. Forum post 9ed02582fe.
  • Fix the EBCDIC character classifier so that it understands newlines as whitespace. Forum post 58540ce22dcd.
  • Improvements the xBestIndex method in the implementation of the (unsupported) wholenumber virtual table extension so that it does a better job of convincing the query planner to avoid trying to materialize a table with an infinite number of rows. Forum post b52a020ce4.

Version number 3.35.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Website SQLite
License type GPL
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