Software update: SphereXP 0.79.0 beta

A new release has been made available on the homepage of the SphereXP program in the form of version 0.79.0 beta. The update is from this server down and weighs about 1.21 megabytes. With SphereXP it is possible to run Windows XP in a real 3D desktop environment. In the new 0.79.0 beta version, the controls have been overhauled and Windows 2000 is now supported. A full list of changes can be found below:

so what do we have after two weeks of hard work

    better controls, window thickness, interactive sphere map (NAV), hotkey config, Windows 2000 support, automatic startup, window refreshing

Version number 0.79.0 beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SphereXP
file size


License type Freeware