Software Update: Sophos XG Firewall 18.0

Sophos has released a new version of its XG Firewall with 18.0 as the version number. This software runs on physical hardware as well as in a soft appliance for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM delivered. In addition to the paid variants for businesses, Sophos offers this firewall for home use at no cost, such as on this page can be read. For the various image and update files you can visit the MySophos Portal. The announcement of this release looks like this:

Sophos XG Firewall v18 is now available!

XG Firewall v18 is now available sporting the all-new Xstream Architecture delivering extreme new levels of visibility, protection and performance.

XG Firewall v18 Highlights:

  • Xstream SSL Inspection. Get unprecedented visibility into your encrypted traffic flows, support for TLS 1.3 without downgrading, powerful policy tools, and extreme performance.
  • AI-powered threat intelligence. Extend your protection against zero-day threats and emerging ransomware variants with multiple best-in-class machine learning models and unmatched insights into suspicious files entering your network
  • Application Acceleration. Optimize network performance by putting your important application traffic on the fast path through the firewall and routing it reliably out your preferred WAN connection

Also check out our SFOS v18 playlist on YouTube to find out what’s new in XG Firewall v18!

Sophos Central
XG Firewall v18 also includes support for all new central management, reporting, and deployment options launching on Sophos Central next week:

  • Group Firewall Management. Easily keep your full estate of firewalls consistently using groups that automatically keep policies, objects, and settings synchronized.
  • Central Reporting. Network activity and insights across all your firewalls are now at your fingertips in Sophos Central with several pre-packaged reports and flexible reporting tools to create your own.
  • Zero Touch Deployment. Conveniently setup a new firewall in Sophos Central, export the config, load it on a flash drive and have your new Firewall automatically connect back to Sophos Central without having to touch it.

Other New Features and Enhancements
In addition, there are also a ton of other new features that will enhance your protection, visibility, management experience, and network versatility:

  • Synchronized SD-WAN brings the power of Synchronized Security to reliably and accurately route application and user-based traffic over your preferred WAN links
  • Firewall, NAT, and SSL Inspection rules and policies are now more powerful, flexible and easier to work with than ever before
  • Plug-and-Play high-availability (HA) makes it easier than ever to enable business continuity and added peace-of-mind – simply connect two XG Series appliances together and you’ll be up and running in no time
  • Real-time Flow Monitoring provides at a glance insights into active bandwidth consuming hosts, applications, and users
  • Expanded Notifications and Alerts ensure you never miss an important network security event whether it’s related to a threat, service, or important performance metric
  • And much more… Check out the complete What’s New Guide for more full details.

get it now!
As usual, this firmware update is no charge for all licensed XG Firewall customers. The firmware will be rolled-out automatically to all systems over the coming weeks but you can access the firmware anytime to do a manual update through MySophos.

Version number 18.0
Release status Final
Website Sophos
License type Freeware/Paid