Software Update: Sonique 2 Alpha

Anonymous: 44892 informed us that on the website from Sonique An Alpha version is available for download from Sonique 2. This Alpha version has been put online to show some of the new features to the public. However, there are still some snags to the use of it:

  • CD Audio does not work yet.
  • If you have previously installed Sonique2 in another location, you may need to delete the sonique2.settings files (search for them on your hard drive) in order for sonique to startup the first time.
  • Changing skins currently only works once. after which, you will need to restart Sonique2 if you wish to change skins again.
  • Also, often when changing skins, the window loses focus, you will need to give the focus to a non-sonique2 window, and then back to sonique2 to get out of this state.
  • If remotes are defined via macro includes, they will show up in the remotes menu more than once. But, only one of the entries will actually work. Happy hunting!
  • If you are an interface developer, you may find it useful to sometimes delete the sonique2.settings file (search for it on your hard drive). This will revert Sonique2 to a clean slate, and it will re-load all interfaces from scratch. This is a great time to watch the console window and look for any errors.
  • The skin shipped with this alpha will not be the skin shipped with the final release. It’s a development skin.
  • The Uninstall fails to remove some files (including the start menu group). After uninstalling, you should feel free to remove these files manually.

Version number 2 Alpha
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Sonique