Software Update: SOGo 5.3.0

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Version 5.3.0 of SOGo was released recently. Scalable uses the source code of and focuses on sharing calendars, contacts and emails. In addition, according to the developers, it is highly scalable and can be accessed via a web interface. Furthermore, modified versions of Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning are included as clients. Other clients can also be used, such as Microsoft Outlook, or mobile devices such as a BlackBerry. For more information, please refer to this page, where the documentation can be found. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


Bug Fixes

  • addressbook(js): load selected cards prior to display mail editor (c6d6dc3
  • addressbook(js): sanitize fullname when using HTML (0b0c884ffed88c), close #5400
  • addressbook: fix compilation warnings in UIxContactFoldersView.m (9f38201
  • addressbook: generate UID when importing cards if missing (7b5cddc), close #5386
  • addressbook: properly handle unknown properties in DAV report (4884cb3
  • addressbook: reuse LDAP connection in CardDAV report (3da633a), close #5355
  • addressbook: use pool to lower memory usage (a073241dec4f24
  • calendar: fix weekly calculator when event has no duration (e79b01e
  • calendar: generate missing UID when importing calendar (e43a721
  • calendar: send modification notifications for tasks (4c679f11ccfa86
  • calendar: truncate long UIDs to avoid SQL insert error (8cec92e
  • core: don’t log error when deleting an invalid key in memcached (0716656
  • core: handle null values ​​in modules constraints or SQL sources (f0368d0
  • doc: add theme for asciidoctor-pdf (f6a50bb
  • eas: handle attachments of type message/rfc822 when sanitize emails (fixes #542733b2406
  • eas: proxy authentication in _sendMail(f70d600
  • eas: use base64 encoding for attachments when sanitize emails + content-length (bfcb0b9), close #5408
  • i18n(sr_RS: fix HTML templates (fb22c0a), close #5339
  • mail(css): add bold font to mailboxes with positive unseen count (270bc2e), close #4277
  • mail(css): improve CSS sanitization of at-rules (e714a3f), close #5387
  • mail(dav): add support for property {DAV:}getcontentlength (9c2b3bd
  • mail(dav): fix mail query response(4df5e4b
  • mail(dav): restore support for filtering by sent-date (563f1d2
  • mail(html): ban “javascript:” prefix in rel=”external” href, action and formaction (e99090b
  • mail(js): allow to add any event invitation (56f9e3e
  • mail(js): ban all “on*” events attributes from HTML tags (a5c315f
  • mail(js): fix height of mailboxes list items (145f221
  • mail(js): force search when restoring mailbox during navigation (0eb452c
  • mail(js): reload UIDs when changing sort order (2a8d64d), close #5385
  • mail(js): reset mailboxes state when leaving global search (642db85
  • mail(js): reset messages list after emptying trash (9622a1e), close #5421
  • mail(js): show “Download all attachments” menu option (86f08a2
  • mail(js): update list of labels when adding one to a message (37d06c6
  • mail(js): update unseen count when reaching zero (2d25e18), close #5381
  • mail(js): use message subject as filename of .eml (792d96b
  • mail(web): improve identification of mailboxes (7c7df9b
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (ab67e7d), close #5407
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (6eb5e97), close #5407
  • mail: decode ms-tnef (winmail.dat) inside message/rfc822 part (d181cc4), close #5388
  • mail: don’t encode calendar mime part twice (2c62aaf), close #5391 #5393
  • mail: don’t open XML attachments in browser (d54dca9
  • mail: encode text MIME parts in quoted-printable (9e364c6), close #5378
  • mail: encode text MIME parts in quoted-printable (6cf3d99), close #5376
  • mail: fix end date of all-day event in mail notifications (ef5820b), close #5384
  • mail: new action to fetch the flags of a mailbox (175e380
  • mail: properly sort partial fetch results (modseq) (534bea6), close #5385
  • mail: replace STATUS by LIST command when copying/moving msgs (0765c72), close #4983
  • mail: split “l” and “r” ACL attributes for IMAP mailboxes (08581ee), close #4983
  • mail: use pool to lower memory usage (cae51dc
  • preferences(js): review order or mail filter actions (138ee06), close #5325
  • web(css): print more than one page in Firefox (ea6b699), close #5375
  • web(js): reset cached users when closing subscription dialog (38b95af
  • web: contextualize title in subscription dialog (8f99965
  • web: use a distinct salt for TOTP authentication (d751ad9d4da1fa


  • calendar(web): initiate Web calendars reload from the frontend (f017c42), close #4939
  • tests: conversion of Python integration tests to JavaScript (1a7ba3d


  • bg_BG: update Bulgarian translation (f669b76
  • cs: update Czech translation (f10e13b
  • de: update German translation (5e7c9a8), close #5417
  • de: update German translation (a33cf3c
  • pl: update Polish translation (b2b1237
  • pt_BR: update Brazilian Portuguese translation (7072319
  • ru: update Russian translation (710fd2f
  • uk: update Ukrainian translation (e77d228

see the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log

Version number 5.3.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website SOGO
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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