Software Update: SOGo 5.0.1

Version 5.0.1 of SOGo has been released. Scalable uses the source code of and focuses on sharing calendars, contacts and emails. In addition, according to the developers, it is highly scalable and can be accessed via a web interface. Furthermore, modified versions of Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning are included as clients. Other clients can also be used, such as Microsoft Outlook, or mobile devices such as a BlackBerry. For more information, please refer to this page, where the documentation can be found. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Bug Fixes

  • calendar: restore UIxOccurenceDialog(1bec216, 9af697a), close #5141 #5160
  • calendar(dav): check if group member is empty (9150bdd)
  • core: decompose LDAP nested groups (6aca61d)
  • core: fix GCC 10 compatibility (8507204), close #5029
  • core: handle bogus CardDAV clients (78c9277)
  • mail: add missing elements to Czech reply template (0fdeee8), close #5179
  • mail: add SMTP error to Exception returned by SOGOMailer (728a006)
  • mail: fallback to the default identity when replying/forwarding (64a8ce4)
  • mail: remove duplicate recipients in draft (ec1a01e)
  • mail(js): handle subfolders of Sent mailbox (af452eb), close #4980
  • mail(js): keep CKEditor toolbar visible (7163900)
  • preferences(js): sanitize content of toast (712d0f4), close #5178
  • preferences(js): sanitize mail identities when saving (aa70679)
  • web(js): avoid throwing an error when disconnected (7b9e750)


  • cs: update Czech translation (7af092f)
  • de: update German translation (0fe73ec)
  • hu: update Hungarian translation (a594bf8)

Version number 5.0.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website SOGO
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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