Software Update: Skype for Windows Beta

On Thursday, Skype released a new beta release of its VoIP client for Windows. With Skype it is possible to communicate with other Skype users by means of text, speech or image, or a combination thereof, over an internet connection. In version 4.1, the option to share the desktop with the interlocutor has been added. Furthermore, it is now even easier to import new contacts from external sources, such as GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL, and the quality of speech and video has been further improved. In version beta, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Getting Started:

  • An interactive guide to using and setting up Skype
  • Automated detection and setup of your audio and video devices
  • Accessibility features / keyboard navigation
  • Improved first-time user setup flow (NEW)


  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls
  • Group audio conference calls
  • Video calling
  • screen sharing
  • Improved audio quality
  • Improved bandwidth usage for Audio and Video calls
  • Call Quality Indicator (NEW)
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer (NEW)
  • Caller identification
  • Calling Landline and Mobile Phones (SkypeOut)
  • Online numbers
  • allowing anyone to call you on Skype from a normal telephone (SkypeIn)
  • Skype Prime – call premium services
  • Automated call quality indicator and assistance

Instant Messaging and SMS:

  • Instant Messaging (IM) for one-to-one or group conversations
  • Sending Files securely to other users of Skype
  • Message notifications (tray alerts)
  • Communicate with MySpace IM users
  • Sending SMS (Text Messages) for one-to-one and groups

Skype Access Beta (NEW):

  • Pay by the minute using Skype Credit for WiFi internet connection in public hotspots

Contact and Conversation Management:

  • Bigger profiles
  • Easier to use participant lists for conversations
  • Conversations tab to display your recent and new conversations
  • History for calls and conversations, accessed via the Conversations tab
  • User and Business recommendations directory
  • Importing contacts from other address books (IMPROVED)
  • Presence – see when others are online and change your own status
  • Contact groups to manage your contact list
  • Block and report abusive contact requests or spam
  • Exchange contact details with a friend even when they are offline
  • birthday reminders
  • Send contacts to other users
  • Client alerts (NEW)


  • Default (single window) or Compact View (multiple windows)
  • Edit your profile
  • Change your profile picture
  • Change sounds

Installation and upgrades:

  • Light Installer download manager
  • Automatic notification and download of new versions

Make the most out of Skype:

  • Shop for Skype phones, headsets, webcams
  • Pay-as-you-go or Subscriptions for our calling services

Bundled applications:

  • Skype browser plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and *Google Chrome (*NEW)
  • Skype Extras (applications you can use with Skype)
  • Google Toolbar
  • Google Chrome browser.

Version number4.2.0.141 beta
Release statusbeta
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
File size 1.91MB
License typeFreeware