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Skype allows you to call other users via Voice-over-IP, as it were. No subscription is required for this, just bandwidth to send the voice data back and forth. It is also possible to take out a subscription that allows calls to fixed and mobile telephone numbers. A new version has been released for the Linux platform with and it closes an important security hole. The changelog looks like this:


  • bugfix: fixed a bug in networking code that made Skype vulnerable to remotely induced crash (Skype Security Bulletin SKYPE-SB/2005-003)

[break]The following flavors of Skype are available:
SuSE 9 or later RPM
Fedora Core 3RPM
Mandriva 10.1 or later RPM
Debian (also Xandros, MEPIS, Ubuntu, etc.)
Dynamic binary tar.bz2 (requires Qt 3.2)
Static binary tar.bz2 with Qt 3.2

Version number
Operating systems Linux
Website Skype
License type Freeware
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