Software Update: SiSoft Sandra 2001

MHuizer writes that there is a new version of SiSoft Sandra. For the ignorant among us: with Sandra you can benchmark, gather information about the PC and make diagnoses. In version 2001 there are mainly innovations with regard to software and hardware support:

  • Enhanced (unofficial) support for Windows 2000/1 & NT4.
  • Burn-in Wizard to test system stability.
  • Full Pentium 4 support and new SSE2 benchmarks (Whetstone, int/float Mandelbrot, int/float STREAM)
  • Full AMD DDR platform support and enhanced MMX/3DNow! benchmarks (int/float Mandelbrot)
  • Full current VIA chipset/south bridges support.
  • Full current ALI chipset/south bridges support.
  • Multiplexor support for all current Asus mainboards including SMP boards.
  • Auto system clock generator (PLL IC) detection. Thus more precise detection of AGP, PCI and memory speeds.
  • Support for new hardware monitor chips.
  • Fixed various issues with detection (chipset, system monitoring chips, etc.) See FAQ for details.

Version number 2001
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website SiSoftware
License type cardware