Software Update: Simple PHP Blog

Simple PHP Blog is, as the name implies, a simple blogger written in PHP. The big advantage of this piece of software is that no database is used to store the data. The data is namely stored in a simple text file on an environment with PHP 4 or more recent. Please note that different write permissions must also be set. The developers have fixed some issues and version is the result. The list of changes looks like this:

We have released the maintenance release promised a week or so ago. The following items are fixed and/or added:

  • Fix alternate port usage (other than 80)
  • Simplified Chinese 0.4.6 translation
  • Italian 0.4.6 translation
  • Possible fix for sb_feed.php line 244 error
  • Allow for theme writers to lock colors used.
  • New “Slick” theme – supports dynamic width and color locking.
  • Danish translation
  • Removed warning in gethostbyaddr call (Guti)
  • Improved GetIP by also checking the preferred $_SERVER array (Guti)
  • Added IP and useragent also in comments [Ed: Shows when the comment is emailed to the administrative email] (Guti)
  • Updated spanish translation (Guti)
  • Added translation strings to email comment sending (Guti)
  • Added Bulgarian Translation thanks to Lusinda
  • Fixed most png file corruption
  • Select component in add_block.php has null errors fixed
  • The sizing of images (if entered using the IMG button) is being ignored has been fixed

From this point on we don’t expect to be doing a new version until the new year. Guti has lost some of his changes during our scramble to fix the security a few months ago, so we’ll attempt to get those back in. As well, we’ll also be continuing to look at some of the major bugs reported. We’ll probably hold off on new features until those are done.

Version number
Website Simple PHP Blog
License type GPL