Software update: Sick Beard build 493 alpha

A new build of Sick Beard has been released. This program can keep an eye on when new episodes of your favorite TV series are available and if there are better quality episodes available. In addition, it can bring some uniformity in the naming, and it is possible to download episodes from usenet and to a lesser extent via BitTorrent. The program is written in Python and can therefore be used on various operating systems. Development is at an early stage and the program is still offered as alpha. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changelog for build 493

  • Added some error catching so updating from a pre-SSL version doesn’t throw a 500 on restart
  • Added support for all types of x264 SD releases
  • Tweaked the way HTTPS works when it can’t create a certificate for you.
  • Fix the XBMC notifier to use the correct flag so that the Plex notifier isn’t used unnecessarily
  • Leave sbHttpsPort in the webserve so restart doesn’t break
  • Fixed some small things in the WDTV metadata provider as well as the line endings
  • Merge branch ‘patch-1’ or
  • Add maxage support to the NZBMatrix provider
  • Catch prowl errors in a way that works on 2.5 as well.
  • Cleaned up the BTN provider, fixed the icon and link
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of
  • Took the init.ubuntu script from technobrat’s branch
  • Merge pull request #210 from jiphex/handle-prowl-ssl-error
  • Very small fix to handle occasional SSL errors that Prowl seems to generate from time-to-time
  • Merge pull request #262 from BigCabbage/master
  • Metadata Support for Synology NAS
  • Merge pull request #308 from thezoggy/ui-autocomplete_update
  • SB Autocomplete
  • Merge pull request #310 from cianmcgovern/newzbinfeedfix
  • Changed newzbin error string
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of
  • Updated https support to allow either HTTP or HTTPS but not both at once.
  • Merge branch ‘auto_redirect’ or
  • Changed newzbin error string
  • Merge pull request #309 from thezoggy/ui-fix_title
  • Fix recent css change to h1/title. This resolved the comingEp issue.
  • Fix recent css change to h1/title. This resolved the comingEp issue.
  • Fix mixed content error
  • Calling the http ajax request from https gave mixed content errors in some browsers. Now it will just wait five seconds and redirect like the http to https.
  • Updated the autocomplete to have a bit more intelligence.
    • Filter out search term results to only include things that start with the search term.
    • Highlight the matching term from the item
    • Ran code through jslint and fixed numerous mistakes.
  • Modified the browser backend so it does not throw an assertion error for invalid paths anymore. As this serves no purpose for the pathbrowser except an ugly ajax error in the console.
  • Merge branch ‘auto_redirect’ or
  • Added support for the new SD x264 stuff
  • Merge pull request #305 from thezoggy/ui-fix_notifications
  • Cleaned up source, formatting, and enabler after recent changes on config>notifications.
  • Cleaned up source, formatting, and enabler after recent changes.
  • Fix version checking for real
  • Fix the version checking to point at the right spot
  • Removed the unnecessary “Save Changes” button from the Synology indexer config.
  • Re-organized the notifiers page to categorize the notifiers somewhat since there’s so many of them…
  • Merge remote tracking branch ‘upstream/master’
  • Small fixes in the https section
  • If it’s new https set timeout_id = 1 so that the ajax request is never sent. Also made the refresh message show up before the redirect for https.
  • Redirect to listening port on reboot after config change. This will redirect to the proper url after a reboot if the config changed the port or protocol (http/https) that the server is listening to. Previously it would just time out.

Version number build 493 alpha
Release status Alpha
Operating systems script language
Website sickbeard
file size


License type Freeware