Software Update: Server2Go 0.9.8

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Server2Go is a collection of software compiled to run as a local web server from a CD. The CD’s autorun will start the necessary software on the Windows system and open a browser window with the web page contained on the CD. It uses PHP4, SQLite, MySQL and Apache HTTP Server, among others. The developers recently released version 0.9.8 with the following changes:

Version 0.9.8:

  • Bug fixing: Startup and shutdown of MySQL had some problems
  • Bug fixing: Browser sometimes started before web server
  • New Parameter: ShowTrayIcon. If value is 1 a try icon will be shown

Version 0.9.7:

  • Bug fixing: Hanging on windows shutdown without closing browser before
  • Bug fixing: Server2Go doesn’t start for users with non-admin rights
  • New environment variable with the absolute path of the document root (htdocs) path. You can access this from your scripts with $_ENV[“S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT”].
  • NewParameter: BrowserType=NONE
  • New Option: Stay running after Browser close. If this option is true, the server keeps running event if the browser is closed

Version 0.9.5:

  • Fixed bug: Document root parameter from config was ignored
  • Fixed bug: Temp file weren’t deleted even if defined in config ini
  • Changed handling of mysql startup
  • Better and faster Apache startup. Server2Go starts now some seconds faster than before

Version 0.9.2:

  • Improved MySQL Port Handling. If you change the MySQL Port in the config.ini, the new value will set as PHP Default MySQL Port.
  • Set MySQL Port to 7128 by default
  • Fixing startup crashes with Mozilla and Firefox
  • Reducing size of the packages a little bit

Version 0.9.1:

  • Update to PHP 5.0.5 dev
  • Fixing bug: Temp files are really removed if in config is enabled
  • Improved MySQL Startup: Solved problems when an older version of mysql was installed
  • Small startup improvement

Version 0.9.0:

  • Upgrade of PHP to version 5.0.4
  • Update to MySQL 4.1.11
  • Perl is working now
  • Adding a new environment variable that can be used by the php scripts. In this variable the Edition is stored
  • Improve the standard website that is loaded by Server2Go to make clear that there are more than one edition
  • Adding the new configuration switch “BrowserSize”. Now you will be able to set a size of the starting browser. See documentation for the exact usage of this switch
  • Fixing Bug: Databases were write protected even if they were copied. That’s fixed now.
  • More PHP extensions are loaded by default, ie PDO

[break]Server2Go is available in the following flavours:
Server2Go 0.9.8 with PHP, SQLite
Server2Go 0.9.8 with PHP, SQLite, MySQL
Server2Go 0.9.8 with PHP, SQLite, MySQL, Perl

Version number 0.9.8
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Server2Go
License type Cardware
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