Software Update: Serv-U

Rhino Software has released version of Serv-U. Serv-U is a small and easy-to-use ftp server and is available in the performances Bronze, Silver and Gold. Serv-U can be tried in the Gold version for the first thirty days. During that time, the software offers, among other things, an unlimited number of domains, users per domain and simultaneous connections, and it is possible to set up secure connections. After the thirty days, a key must be purchased. The free Personal Edition no longer exists. The main improvement in version 10 is that separate 32bit and 64bit versions of the program are now available and there is support for IPv6. In version, the following changes and improvements have also been made:


  • Updated French and German strings.
  • Added User’s Manual content explaining Serv-U Organizational Unit support, with screen shots.
  • Added User’s Manual content explaining Serv-U Event Filter support, with screen shots.
  • Added Japanese release notes file, translating release notes for Serv-U and higher.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a bug where an administrative password recovery requiring a password change (due to one-way password encryption) was not resetting the date and time for the password change.
  • Corrected a problem with Microsoft SQL Server where UNICODE strings were not being written correctly. This change is only for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Corrected an internal 64-bit bug where Microsoft changed header files for two ODBC functions to use SQLULEN (32-bit in Windows 32-bit, 64-bit in Windows 64-bit) instead of SQLUINTEGER (32-bit). This problem only affected Serv-U 64-bit installations.
  • Corrected a bug where disabling a domain would show all users and groups in that domain as being disabled.
  • Corrected an event bug where the “User Disabled” event wasn’t being fired when an administrator disabled a user from the activity window.
  • Corrected an event logging bug when using the tray application logging to the domain would not function.
  • Corrected an upgrade bug, when upgrading from Serv-U 6.4 and lower, the upgrade utility did not correctly set whether or not a user account was disabled.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV Overwrite Dialog bug where the source file was not being properly displayed inside the dialog controls when a local file was dragged/dropped from a file browser into a remote pane.
  • Corrected an upgrade bug from Serv-U
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the “Hide server information from SSH identity” checkbox was incorrectly functioning as a tri-state checkbox in the “Settings” tab in Server “Limits & Settings”.
  • Corrected a bug where certain email events were not being triggered when using the tray’s Management Console.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Rhino Software
file size 14.30MB
License type Shareware