Software Update: ScreenToGif 2.21.2

ScreenToGif is an open source application that can record the actions on the screen or the images from the webcam. The result can optionally be edited with the baked-in editor and saved as an animated gif image or movie file. The program relies on .Net 4.8 and the download is therefore minimal. Also, it can be used without having to install it first. ScreenToGif is actively being developed and new versions appear regularly. Version 2.21 was released a few days ago and two minor updates have already appeared.

ScreenToGif 2.21.2


  • The app was not being able to load the SharpDX libraries.
  • The DirectX capture mode could fail when finishing the capture of a frame.

ScreenToGif 2.21.1

What’s new?

  • Updated the Chinese (Simplified), French and Russian translations.

Bug fixes:

  • The app was crashing on startup when checking if there wasn’t any other instance running.
  • The eye-dropper of the color selector window was not updating the RGBA values ​​when dragging across the screen.

ScreenToGif 2.21

What’s new?

  • You can now import PNG’s files.
  • Option to run the app on startup.
  • Option to allow only one instance of the app, switching to the already opened app when trying to open another instance (single instance per user and executable).

Bug fixes:

  • If the SharpDX libraries were not in the same folder as the app, it was not possible to load them.
  • The editor window was not receiving focus upon loading.
  • Sometime, the button to select a region in the new recorder was not working.
  • The Accept/Retry/Cancel controls were not getting positioned correctly when the whole right side of a screen was selected.
  • When the folder path of the SharpDX was empty, the options window was displaying an error while checking the external tools.
  • The video importer (MediaPlayer) was not respecting the selected scale.

Version number 2.21.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website ScreenToGif
File size 1.12MB
License type GPL