Download Sandboxie Plus 5.55.6 / 1.0.6

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Sandboxie is a program that makes it possible to run programs under Windows in a protected environment. In this way, changes made by programs or web browsers are easy to undo, and there is no risk of affecting important parts of the operating system.

Sandboxie can be used on Windows 7 or higher and is now offered as open source, after Sophos stopped using it. Sandboxie is available in a classic and plus version. Internally they work the same, but the latter has a more modern Qt-built user interface. Version 1.0.6 has been released and the changelog for this release can be found below.


  • Replaced “Open with” with a Sandboxie dialog to work on Windows 10 #1138
  • Added ability to run Store apps in App Compartment mode (on Windows 11 requires COM to be open)
  • Added new debug options “UnstrippedToken=y” and “KeepUserGroup=y”
  • Added double click to recover files and folders in recovery window #1466
  • Added Ukrainian language on Plus UI (by SuperMaxusa) #1488


  • “UseSbieWndStation=y” is now the default behavior #1442
  • Disabled Win32k hooking when HVCI is enabled due to an incompatibility (BSOD) #1483


  • Fixed box initialization issue in Privacy mode #1469
  • Fixed issue with shortcuts creation introduced in a recent build #1471
  • Fixed various issues in Privacy Enhanced boxes and rule specificity
  • Fixed issue with SeAccessCheckByType and alike
  • Fixed issues with Win32k hooking on 32 bit Windows #1479


  • Removed obsolete SkyNet rootkit detection from 32 bit build

Version number 5.55.6 / 1.0.6
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website sandboxie
File size


License type GPL
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