Download Sandboxie Plus 5.51.7 / 0.9.7

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Sandboxie is a program that makes it possible to run programs under Windows in a protected environment. In this way, changes made by programs or web browsers are easy to undo, and there is no risk of affecting important parts of the operating system.

Sandboxie can be used on Windows 7 or higher and is now offered as open source, after Sophos stopped using it. Sandboxie is available in a classic and plus version. Internally they work the same, but the latter has a more modern Qt-built user interface. The changelog for this release can be found below.


  • Added forced process indicator to process status column #1174
  • Added “SbieTrace=y” option to trace the interaction between Sandboxie processes and the Sandboxie core components
  • When initializing an empty sandbox, MSI debug keys are set to generate the debug output of MSI installer service
  • Added “DisableComProxy=y” allowing to disable COM proxying through the service
  • Added “ProcessLimit=…” that allows to limit the max count of processes in a sandbox #1230
  • Added missing IPC logging


  • Reworked SbieSvc ini server to allow settings caching and greatly improve performance. Now comments in the Sandboxie.ini are being preserved as well as the order of all entries
  • Enabled configuration section list replacement with a hash map to improve configuration performance
  • Improved progress and status messages for the Plus installer (by mpheath) #1168
  • Reworked RpcSs start mechanics, sandboxed RpcSs and DcomLaunch can now be run as system, use “RunRpcssAsSystem=y”
    Note: this is generally not recommended for security reasons but may be needed for compatibility in some scenarios
  • Reworked WTSQueryUserToken handling to work properly in all scenarios
  • Reworked configuration value list to use a hash table for better performance


  • Fixed Plus upgrade install in Windows 7 (by mpheath) #1194
  • Fixed custom autoexec commands being executed on each box start instead of only on the initialization
  • Fixed a design issue limiting the maximum amount of processes in one box to 511
  • Fixed handle leaks in the lingering process monitor mechanism
  • Fixed issue with opening device paths like “\??\FltMgr”
  • Fixed build issue with an explicit FileDigestAlgorithm option for driver sign (by isaak654) #1210
  • Fixed issue with resource access log sometimes getting corrupted
  • Fixed issue with Microsoft Office Click-to-Run #428 #882


  • Removed support for Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit), as it was EOL in 2018
  • Removed support for Messenger Plus! Live, as MSN Messenger is EOL since 2013
  • Disabled Turkish language on Plus UI for inactivity (by isaak654) #1215

Version number 5.51.7 / 0.9.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website sandboxie
License type GPL
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