Software Update: Samba 4.9.7

Samba runs on Unix, BSD and Linux servers, and is an open source implementation of the smb/cifsnetwork protocol. Since version 3, Samba can offer file and print services to Windows clients, and is able to act as a domain controller. Extensive documentation, including practical how-tos for a slightly older version, can be found on this page are being found. The developers have released version 4.9.7 with the following announcement and list of changes:

Samba 4.9.7 Available for Download

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.9 release series.

Changes since 4.9.6:

  • BUG 13837: py/kcc_utils: py2.6 compatibility.
  • BUG 13882: py/provision: Fix for Python 2.6.
  • BUG 13840: reffio: Update code near recent changes to match README.Coding.
  • BUG 13861: ‘net ads join’ to child domain fails when using “-U [email protected]”.
  • BUG 13858: vfs_snapper: Drop unneeded fstat handler.
  • BUG 13896: vfs_ceph: Explicitly enable libcephfs POSIX ACL support.
  • BUG 13869: libcli: Permit larger values ​​of DataLength in SMB2_ENCRYPTION_CAPABILITIES of negotiate response.
  • BUG 13840: reffio: Improve handling of malformed registry hive files.
  • BUG 13895: ctdb-common: Avoid race between fd and signal events.
  • BUG 13813: Fix idmap cache pollution with S-1-22- IDs on winbind hickup.
  • BUG 11568: Send status to systemd on daemon start.
  • BUG 10344: smb2_tcon: Avoid STATUS_PENDING completely on tdis.
  • BUG 12844: smb2_tcon: Avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for tree connect.
  • BUG 12845: smb2_sesssetup: Avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for session setup.
  • BUG 13698: smb2_tcon: Avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for tree connect.
  • BUG 13796: smb2_sesssetup: Avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for session setup.
  • BUG 13816: dbcheck in the middle of the tombstone garbage collection causes replication failures.
  • BUG 13818: ndr_spoolss_buf: Fix out of scope use of stack variable in NDR_SPOOLSS_PUSH_ENUM_OUT().
  • BUG 13862: vfs_default: Fix vfswrap_offload_write_send() NT_STATUS_INVALID_VIEW_SIZE check.
  • BUG 13863: smb2_server: Grant all 8192 credits to clients.
  • python/samba: extra ndr_unpack needs bytes function
  • BUG 13872: s3/vfs_glusterfs[_fuse]: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX.
  • passdb: Update ABI to 0.27.2.
  • BUG 13813: lib/winbind_util: Add winbind_xid_to_sid for –without-winbind.
  • BUG 13865: memcache: Increase size of default memcache to 512k.
  • BUG 13823: lib:util: Move debug message for mkdir failing to log level 1.
  • BUG 13832: Printing via smbspool backend with Kerberos auth fails.
  • BUG 13847: s4:librpc: Fix installation of Samba.
  • BUG 13848: s3:lib: Fix the debug message for adding cache entries.
  • BUG 13853: s3:waf: Fix the detection of makdev() macro on Linux.
  • BUG 13857: docs: Update smbclient manpage for –max protocol.
  • BUG 13861: ‘net ads join’ to child domain fails when using “-U [email protected]”.
  • BUG 13839: ctdb: Initialize addr struct to zero before reparsing as IPV4.
  • BUG 13838: ctdb package should not own system library directory.
  • BUG 13860: CTDB restarts failed NFS RPC services by hand, which is incompatible with systemd.
  • BUG 13888: ctdb-daemon: Revert “We can not assume that just because we could complete a TCP handshake”.

Version number 4.9.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website samba
License type GPL