Software Update: Sailfish OS 4.3.0

Jolla has released version 4.3.0 of its Sailfish OS. The name of this publication has been chosen Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site fortress on six islands just outside Helsinki in Finland. Sailfish can be used on Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and multiple Xperia devices. More information about this release and supported models can be found at this page are being found. Installation instructions are available here and there is also a Jolla topic on Got. The release notes for this release can be found below:

Update version history

  • 2021-11-03: OS version was released to Early Access subscribers as an over-the-air update.

Size of update

The download size of the update depends on the device type and on the OS version currently in the device. Some typical values ​​are below:

  • Xperia X from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0: about 510 MB
  • Xperia XA2 from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0: about 740 MB
  • Xperia 10 from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0: about 480 MB
  • Xperia 10 II from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0: about 880 MB

stop release

Yes, 4.3.0 is a stop release 230

Device models supported by Sailfish X

Jolla Phone is not supported anymore. OS release 3.4.0 was the last one for this device launched 7 years ago. The lowest supported kernel version of Sailfish 4 in the remaining Sailfish OS devices is 3.10. It is in Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and Xperia X. The instructions for installing Sailfish OS to Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA2, Xperia 10, and Xperia 10 II (mark 2) devices are here 2 – covering Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. Read this 2please, to learn about the Sailfish X licence.

The supported Sony Xperia 10 II models are:

  • 10 II (mark 2) single SIM: XQ-AU51
  • 10 II (mark 2) dual SIM: XQ-AU52

The supported Sony Xperia 10 models are:

  • 10 single SIM: I3113 and I3123
  • 10 dual SIM: I4113 and I4193
  • 10 Plus single SIM: I3213 and I3223
  • 10 Plus dual SIM: I4213 and I4293

The supported Sony Xperia XA2 models are:

  • XA2 single SIM b113 (also b123, b133)
  • XA2 dual SIM b113 (also b133)
  • XA2 Ultra single SIM b213 (also b223)
  • XA2 Ultra dual SIM b213 (also b233)
  • XA2 Plus single SIM b413
  • XA2 Plus dual SIM b413 (also b493)

The supported Sony Xperia X models are X single SIM F5121 and X dual SIM F5122

The supported Gemini PDA models are x25 and x27.

Contributions from Aurora OS

Here are some of the key features contributed by Open Mobile Platform to the Sailfish OS:

  • The new Browser menu can be closed with a drag gesture
  • History settings now display website icons and additional actions
  • Camera setting added to browser permissions
  • Leaving private mode is allowed also when no tabs exist
  • Several browser fixes and improvements
  • Tracker3 tasks into use
  • Several sandboxing improvements and fixes

Jolla appreciates the collaborative efforts of its partners and community to make Sailfish OS even better.

Release Highlights

The list below contains examples of new features (and some bug fixes) added to Sailfish OS, compared to the previous public release 4.2.0. The release notes of 4.2.0 can be found here

3rd party APIs

  • A new API to the list of Harbour-allowed APIs: Amber Web Authorization Framework† Amber Web Authorization Framework is a library that allows applications to interact with remote services which use OAuth Framework for authorization.
  • All SDL application s need to be fixed because of a fix to touch input coordinate handling.


  • Fixed the generation of the ambience colour

Android App Support (Xperia XA2, 10 and 10 II)

  • Android apps can now be used to open files and web links , according to declared filetype, URI scheme and URL domain associations [beta]
  • Android apps also appear in the Sharing menu [beta]† For instance, sharing from Gallery to Whatsapp is easy.
  • Android system image is signed now. Many apps that previously complained of a rooted system work now.
  • Android App Support updated to September 2021 security patch level (10.0.0_r58).
  • Mobile data works for Android apps right after installing Android App Support
  • Meeting windows of Zoom video conferencing app are shown now
  • A fix helping Android apps to connect back to a WLAN network (from a mobile network) added


  • The new Browser menu can now be closed with a drag
  • Showing address search results on Google map fixed
  • History settings now display website icons and additional actions
  • “Do not track” setting moved to browser Settings from “Clear browsing data” page
  • Camera setting added to browser permissions
  • Paused and hidden (screen turned off) Youtube playback can be resumed
  • “Search the web” option of the Top Menu fixed: it opens up the Browser and the keyboard now
  • Trying to save a web address with an incomplete URL to App Grid leads to a warning
  • Leaving private mode is allowed also when no tabs exist
  • Updates to terminology: 1. “Default home page” was renamed to “Start view”. 2. “Custom website” was changed to “Web page”
  • If “Close all tabs on exit” is in effect: the Home page (if set) or the “Start view” will be loaded when the Browser is started the next time
  • A bug was fixed where the login page was not shown when connecting to a captive portal


  • Several fixes to improve the Calendar [thank you Damien Caliste)]
  • Deletion of canceled occurrences on Exchange calendar handled better which makes event removals appear on Sailfish phone, too.
  • Fix opening of Calendar to show event page when there is already an event shown


  • Boosting of the camera (startup) added back (earlier removed by sandboxing)
  • Flash modes or video camera fixed


  • Mobile data fixed to work also right after installing Android App Support from the Store
  • Two separate fixes for “IPv4 not being enabled on mobile data when it is used in dual mode”
    • After device boot up IPv4 did not get assigned on some devices (X10 II, for instance)
    • When mobile data and WiFi are switched on/off and networking changes (typically, when shutting down WiFi while mobile data is enabled)
  • Improvements to the functionality of mobile certificate (of Finland)
  • Autoconnect round started with a back-off timer now

Device management (MDM)

  • AutoStart API regression fixed (used to automatically start selected apps on boot)


  • Email startup boosted again (earlier removed by sandboxing)

Flashing (installing) OS to device

  • USB auto-suspend prevented when flashing with Linux


  • Playback or H.265 video fixed
  • Video controls not showing for video files opened from outside of the Gallery app fixed


  • Lack of vibration feedback in various apps fixed

Home screen

  • An issue fixed where unlocking with Quick Events gesture setting enabled using fingerprint opened to Events view instead of Home

location Media indexing

  • Tracker3 taken into use on Sailfish OS


  • Group matching fixed. Incoming messages do not end up in group chat when they belong to private chat
  • Send MMS page landscape layout fixed (4.2.0 regression)
  • Send MMS page now pops the page after sending the message


  • Allow D-Bus activation only through systemd


  • Playback or H.265 video fixed
  • Video color format converted to a supported one before encoding (video calls on Browser). Changed API used for getting the list of supported color formats.


  • Fix for checking the presence of an acquired tag (which prevents the possibility of the NCF system from locking up)


  • Dimmed phone cover getting stuck fixed

Sandboxing (app isolation)

  • Default sandboxing of all apps exists but is not enabled on 4.3.0 yet. It will be enabled on 4.4.0. On 4.3.0, the feature exists but it’s not enabled in the configuration file. By creating an appropriate config file you (a developer) can enable it to test the feature.
  • Improved security: many permissions dropped from the platform apps now that the sandboxing happens out-of-process
  • Browser, email and camera apps are sandboxed on release 4.3.0 and their startup is boosted
  • Several improvements and fixes


  • Multiple security improvements, including Android security fixes, Web Auth API and sandboxing improvements
  • Support for OpenSSL 1.0 removed. This release no longer ships OpenSSL 1.0 libraries. So, if you are a maintainer of an app that uses OpenSSL 1.0 libraries, now is the time to upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.
  • Vulnerabilities fixed:
    • c-ares v. 1.17.2: CVE-2021-3672
    • curl v. 7.78.0: CVE-2021-22922, CVE-2021-22923, CVE-2021-22924, CVE-2021-22925, CVE-2021-22926
    • fribidi v. 1.0.10: CVE-2019-18397
    • glibc v. 2.30: CVE-2021-38604
    • libtiff v.4.3.0: CVE-2011-0192
    • libxml2 v. 2.9.12: CVE-2021-3541, CVE-2018-9251, CVE-2018-14567, CVE-2018-14404
    • openssl v. 1.1.1l: CVE-2021-3712, CVE-2021-3711
    • pcre v. 8.45: CVE-2020-14155, CVE-2019-20838
    • ppp v.2.4.9: CVE-2020-8597
    • python3 v. 3.8.11: CVE-2019-18348, CVE-2020-8492, CVE-2020-15523, CVE-2020-15801, CVE-2019-20907, CVE-2021-3426, CVE-2020-26116, CVE -2020-14422, CVE-2021-3177
    • taglib v. 1.12: CVE-2018-11439


  • Remorse is now shown when toggling “Store debug symbols to home partition” in Settings > Developer tools


  • An issue fixed where SIM kit features (used for eg mobile authentication by some operators) could not be accessed for certain SIM cards


  • Android apps shown in sharing menu [beta]
  • Sharing menu coloring improved for better legibility on certain ambiences
  • Email sharing is no longer offered if the Email app is not installed
  • Bluetooth sharing progress bar flicker fixed

Text input

  • Unicode issues with the word prediction fixed on Xperia 10 II, which caused the prediction to offer wrong suggestions with certain languages ​​like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
  • Number keyboard not responding to touch in landscape orientation fixed


  • Skipping Tutorial allowed, for example when getting a new device but are an existing Sailfish OS user
  • Tutorial pulley menu chapter coloring issues fixed

UI components

  • Detail items (DetailItem) now support links


  • Credentials are kept safe when disconnecting from a network
  • Add IPv6 disable/block VPN settings for preventing data leak
  • Better support for ProtonVPN (and OpenVPN in general)


  • Temperature forecast line does not dramatize nearly constant temperatures anymore

Device specific improvements Xperia 10 II

  • Text prediction fixed for certain languages ​​like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
  • Ensured that HW codecs are loaded for Android apps, too

Sailfish OS Forum and TJC: Issues reported by the community and fixed in this update

Version number 4.3.0
Release status Final
Website Jolla
License type GPL