Software update: SABnzbd 3.6.0

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Version 3.6.0 of SABnzbd has been released. With SABnzbd files can be downloaded from usenet. This open source program is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and offers the possibility to load nzb files, after which the appropriate files are picked from usenet. With the built-in web interface it is possible to operate the program via a web browser. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • Significantly increased performance by using the yEnc-decoding library of @animetosho† Usenet articles are now decoded using specialized CPU instructions (SIMD) on x86 and ARM systems.
  • Create and restore a backup of configuration and database.
  • Show source or lower download speed (CPU or disk).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (Pause, Add, Status, Config).
  • Result of the Deobfuscate step is listed in History details.
  • Path of Default category will be used if category doesn’t have one.
  • Disabling api_warnings prevents showing Access Denied information to the external client.
  • Jobs with Force priority will always skip the duplicate check.
  • Added ext_rename_ignore to add custom extensions that should be ignored during the Deobfuscate step.
  • Removed Indexer Feedback Integration.
  • Removed included as it is outdated.
  • Show a warning when there are no valid news servers active.
  • Show a warning if the filesystem does not support special characters.
  • Allow multiple parameters to be passed to par2cmdline/Multipar.
  • Linux: Added AppStream metadata, desktop shortcut and MimeInfo.
  • Linux: Added support for bash completion.
  • macOS: Application and included tools fully native on M1 systems.
  • macOS/Windows: Updated UnRar to 6.10 and 7-Zip to 21.07.
  • Windows: Updated MultiPar to v1.3.2.3.

API changes

  • Removed several (status) fields from the queue API call.
  • Remove unused and undocumented API calls: addid, options, rescan, osx_icon, set_speedlimit, get_speedlimit, set_colorscheme.
  • Removed undocumented xcat parameter.
  • None values ​​in XML API output are left empty.
  • Adding NZBs would not always return nzo_ids.
  • Prevent crash in history call during post processing.

Bug fixes

  • Extended timeout when measuring system performance.
  • Interface settings were sometimes reset on page reload.
  • Par2 sets with duplicate names could skip verification and repair.
  • Ignore .par2 files that could not be parsed.
  • Correctly default to Glitter – Auto on new installs.
  • Download speed was not updated when stalled due to disk performance.
  • Prevent traceback when status functions timeout.
  • Prevent crash if not enough repair blocks are available.
  • Prevent crash when there is an unknown language setting.
  • Source release had Windows line endings.
  • Windows: If a job password contained a double quote it would not be picked up by UnRar and unpack would fail.

Version number 3.6.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website SABnzbd
License type GPL
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