Software Update: RouterOS 6.48.2

MikroTik has released RouterOS 6.48.2 in the stable branch. RouterOS is an operating system that focuses on running router tasks. This includes routing network traffic, of course, but also a firewall, bandwidth management, controlling wireless access points, a hotspot gateway and a VPN server. It can be done on the hardware from MikroTik when doing its job on x86 or virtual machines. Before use, a license required, which is included with the purchase of MikroTik hardware. The list of changes for this release is as follows:

What’s new in 6.48.2:

  • bonding – improved system stability when disabling/enabling bonding ports;
  • bridge – improved bridge stability when host changes port (introduced in v6.47);
  • console – require “write+ftp” permissions for exporting configuration to file;
  • console – updated copyright notice;
  • crs3xx – added “/system swos” menu for CRS354 devices, should only be used after SwOS 2.13 release;
  • crs3xx – fixed interface LEDs for QSFP+ and SFP+ interfaces on CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx – fixed packet transmit in 5Gbps link rate for CRS312 device;
  • crs3xx – improved 1Gbps Ethernet port group traffic forwarding for CRS354 devices;
  • dhcp – fixed link state checking for DHCP client;
  • ethernet – fixed cable-test for some devices (eg RB2011, RB951G-2HnD);
  • ethernet – improved system stability when receiving large VLAN tagged packets on IPQ4018/IPQ4019 devices;
  • fastpath – fixed IP packet receive on bridge and bonding interfaces when destination MAC address match with slave port MAC;
  • health – fixed voltage monitor on BaseBox5 devices;
  • ike2 – added “MS-CHAP-Domain” attribute to RADIUS requests;
  • ike2 – fixed DH group negotiation with EAP;
  • ike2 – fixed EAP MSK length validation (introduced in v6.48);
  • ike2 – fixed initial traffic selector’s protocol and port in transport mode;
  • ipv6 – improved system stability when parsing IPv6 options;
  • lora – added additional predefined network servers;
  • lora – added option to hide CRC error messages in monitor;
  • lora – improved downlink transmission;
  • ospf – fixed type-7 LSA translation to type-5;
  • ovpn – fixed route cache entry leak when establishing a new session;
  • poe – do not perform PoE firmware upgrade procedure on RB960 and OmniTik devices without PoE out;
  • ppp – do not fail “at-chat” command when issued on disabled PPP interface;
  • ptp – improved management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
  • quickset – prefer 5GHz interface for WiFi scan in CPE mode;
  • rb3011 – improved system stability when changing RouterBOARD settings (introduced in v6.48);
  • snmp – fixed SNMP trap agent address;
  • supout – fixed “topic” column presence in “Log” section;
  • switch – improved resource allocation on 98PX1012 switch chip for CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS device;
  • switch – improved system stability with 98PX1012 switch chip for CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS device;
  • telnet – do not send options if connecting to non standard port;
  • telnet – fixed server when run on non standard port;
  • tr069-client – improved management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
  • upgrade – fixed upgrade procedure on 16MB devices;
  • upgrade – improved “long-term” upgrade procedure on SMIPS devices;
  • user – fixed “skin” configuration for user groups (introduced in v6.48);
  • webfig – allow to specify “prefix” parameter under “IPv6/ND/Prefixes” menu;
  • webfig – do not corrupt settings when starting “Wireless Sniffer”;
  • webfig – do not move top right menu in opposite direction when scrolling horizontally;
  • webfig – do not show newly created SMB shares as invalid;
  • webfig – fixed new interface addition;
  • webfig – show “Interfaces” menu by default after logging in;
  • webfig – show “network-mode” for LTE modems that support it;
  • winbox – added “Channel” parameter under “System/Console” menu;
  • winbox – do not show empty “CPU Frequency” parameter under “System/Resources” menu;
  • winbox – fixed “reachable-time” value unit under “IPv6/ND” menu;
  • winbox – fixed QCA-8511 switch chip type reporting under “Switch/Settings” menu;
  • winbox – fixed duplicate “Trusted” setting under “Interface/Bridge/Ports” menu;
  • winbox – hide “Allow Roaming” parameter on LTE modems that do not support it;
  • winbox – increased “target” field limit to 128 under “Queues” menu;
  • winbox – renamed IP protocol 41 to “ipv6-encap”;
  • winbox – show “LCD” only on boards that have LCD;
  • winbox – show “System/Health” only on boards that have health monitoring;
  • winbwox – show “activity” column by default under “IP/Kid Control/Devices” menu

What’s new in 6.48.1:

  • crs312 – fixed missing SwOS firmware on revision 2 devices;
  • crs3xx – fixed packet duplication when multiple bonding interfaces are created for CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx – fixed port-isolation on ether37-ether48 ports for CRS354 device;
  • crs3xx – improved load balancing on bonding interfaces for CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices;
  • crs3xx – improved system stability when bonding and IGMP snooping is used (introduced in v6.48);
  • hotspot – fixed “idle-timeout” usage with RADIUS authentication;
  • hotspot – fixed special character parsing in “target” variable (CVE-2021-3014);
  • ike2 – fixed phase 2 rekeying with enabled PFS (introduced in v6.48);
  • ike2 – improved stability when invalid certificate is configured (introduced in v6.48);
  • ike2 – properly register packet time after expensive CPU operations;
  • interface – fixed pwr-line interface linking (introduced in v6.48);
  • ipsec – improved stability when processing IPv6 packets larger than interface MTU;
  • led – fixed default LED configuration for RB911-5HnD;
  • package – do not include multiple The Dude packages in HDD installer;
  • snmp – fixed “send-trap” functionality (introduced in v6.48);
  • switch – fixed interface toggling for devices with multiple QCA8337, Atheros8327 or RTL8367 switch chips (introduced in v6.48);
  • winbox – fixed enable/disable button presence for “Bridge/Hosts” menu;
  • wireless – renamed “macedonia” regulatory domain information to “north macedonia”

Version number 6.48.2
Release status Final
Website MikroTik
License type Paid