Software Update: RoundCube Webmail 0.2.2

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RoundCube Webmail is a web application that behaves like an imap client. For example, it is used by various hosters to offer webmail functionality. It includes mime and html support, address books, search capabilities and a spell checker. This web application is written in PHP and requires a MySQL or Postgres database to store its data. For more information, we refer you to this page. The developers released version 0.2.2 a few days ago with the following announcement:

Update 0.2.2 released

A little service release was just released. It contains some minor bug fixes and a newly added support for STARTTLS in IMAP connections. We recommended to update all installations of RoundCube Webmail to this version.

  • Fix quicksearchbox look in Chrome and Konqueror (#1484841)
  • Fix UTF-8 byte-order mark removing (#1485514)
  • Fix folders subscriptions on Konqueror (#1484841)
  • Fix debug console on Konqueror and Safari
  • Fix messagelist focus issue when modifying status of selected messages (#1485807)
  • Support STARTTLS in IMAP connection (#1485284)
  • Fix DEL key problem in search boxes (#1485528)
  • Support several email addresses per user from virtuser_file (#1485678)
  • Fix drag&drop with scrolling on IE (#1485786)
  • Fix adding signature separator in html mode (#1485350)
  • Fix opening attachment marks message as read (#1485803)
  • Fix ‘temp_dir’ does not support relative path under Windows (#1484529)
  • Fix “Initialize Database” button missing from installer (#1485802)
  • Fix compose window doesn’t fit 1024×768 window (#1485396)
  • Fix service not available error when pressing back from compose dialog (#1485552)
  • Fix using mail() on Windows (#1485779)
  • Fix word wrapping in message-part’s
    s for printing (#1485787)
  • Fix incorrect word wrapping in outgoing plaintext multibyte messages (#1485714)
  • Fix double footer in HTML message with embedded images
  • Fix TNEF implementation bug (#1485773)
  • Fix incorrect row id parsing for LDAP contacts list (#1485784)
  • Fix 'mode' parameter in sqlite DSN (#1485772)

Version number 0.2.2
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website The RoundCube Webmail Project
File size 1.63MB
License type GPL
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