Software Update: Resolume Avenue / Arena 7.3.3

Resolume is an application that has been specially developed for live video and can be used, for example, by VJs that provide a live video performance. By using different keys on the keyboard or midi device, you can alternate, play back and edit images over each other. There is support for the common image file types, including avi, mov, mpg, swf, gif, jpg, bmp, and psd. In addition, a capture device, such as a camera, webcam or TV tuner, can be used. The developers have released Resolume Arena and Avenue 7.3.3 with the following announcement:

Resolume 7.3.3 Released. Have No Fear

Here’s another maintenance release to prepare Avenue & Arena for a major new addition to the Resolume family … have no fear, shiny new toys coming soon.

Fix List

  • # 14074 Doing a clean install on Windows, Example.avc is not copied and loaded on startup
  • # 14781 Crash switching decks
  • # 14813 Playing this mp4 with wrong AAC-audio PTS values ​​crashes Alley on windows
  • # 14817 Capture color conversions are inaccurate
  • # 14881 Undo-redo column insertion breaks with groups sometimes
  • # 14935 Midi (by position) shortcut no worky after undoing group column insert
  • # 14956 Text Animation doesn’t leave a valid context
  • # 14987 L fixtures send different value than expected
  • # 15005 Video mixer gets garbage texture from somewhere
  • # 15023 Media Manager freezes trying to reconnect a file with a different name
  • # 15143 Capture input starts to trail in feedback

Select “Check for Updates ..” in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or checkout the downloads page.

Version number 7.3.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Resolume
License type Shareware