Software Update: Real Temp 3.40

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On Friday, version 3.40 of Real Temp was released. With this program, the temperature of an Intel single, dual or quad-core CPU and the Core i7 processor can be monitored. Real Temp shows the temperature of the individual cores in the processor and is one of the most accurate programs of its kind. More information about how this program does that can be found at this page are being found. New in version 3.00 is, among other things, support for Intel’s Core i5 and i7 and can provide information about the video card if the system has a graphics card from Nvidia. The full changelog of this release looks like this:

Changes in Real Temp 3.40:

  • Core i7/i5/Xeon Socket 1156 support including accurate turbo mode reporting.
  • New information window for NVIDIA GPUs with improved SLI support.
  • Correct reporting of Super Low Frequency Mode (SLFM) for Core 2 mobile CPUs.
  • Correct reporting of Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) for Core 2 mobile CPUs.
  • Added VID reporting to the main GUI for Core 2 based CPUs.
  • Added a Fahrenheit=1 INI file option.
  • Added the option to view a Task Manager based or a C0% based load meter.
  • Added the ability to toggle C1E state and view the SpeedStep (EIST) state.
  • Improved dual and multi-monitor support including Anchor mode.
  • Includes RealTemp GT, a 6 core version of RealTemp for Gulftown CPUs.
  • Includes i7 Turbo, a high precision multiplier monitoring tool for all Core CPUs.
  • Includes LoadTester, a variable load, single core testing program.
  • Skull=1 or Skull=2 INI option for reading each CPU on a Dual Quad system.
  • Thanks rge, burebista and somebody on TPU for all of your ideas and help.

Version number 3.40
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website techPowerUp
File size 289.00KB
License type Freeware
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