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Version 4.5.15 of Rainmeter has been released and a successor was also released the day after. This program can display all kinds of useful and less useful information on the desktop in real time, such as free space on the hard disk, network activity and whether there is new e-mail. Functional applets can also be used to make notes or send tweets, for example. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Rainmeter 4.5.16 – Revision 3687


  • Rainmeter: Fixed some crashing issues caused by the 4.5.15 release.
  • NowPlaying: Corrected a crash issue and a SetPosition issue.


  • Languages: Updated localization strings for Ukrainian and Arabic.
  • Plugins: Only log the loading and unloading of plugins in Debug mode.

Rainmeter 4.5.15 – Revision 3678


  • SysInfo: Added “SysInfoType=OS_PRODUCT_NAME”. This retrieves “ProductName” from the registry from “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion”. Note that this entry is currently incorrect in all versions of Windows 11, and Rainmeter will correct for this and return the proper value.


  • Measures: In debug mode, display a warning log message when the MinValue and MaxValue are the same or if MaxValue is less than MinValue.
  • Platform detection: The “Version” value that is used for the About/Version dialog and the log has been changed to show the non-numerical “DisplayVersion” over the “ReleaseId” from the registry. (for instance: 21H2 rather than 2009). Also, added detection of “Windows Server 2022”.
  • Languages: Updated localization strings for Finnish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian.


  • WifiStatus: Corrected an issue with a missing .dll Windows file that could cause crashing on Windows Server systems.
  • Histogram / Line meters: Corrected some issues with MinValue/MaxValue being properly applied to the meters.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website rain meter
License type GPL
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