Software update: Rainmeter 3.2 r2384

Version 3.2 of Rainmeter has been released. This program can display all kinds of useful, but also less meaningful information on the desktop in real time, such as free hard drive space, network activity and whether there is new e-mail. Functional applets can also be used to, for example, make notes or send tweets. The most important changes introduced in version 3.2 are listed below.

Audio Level plugin
Added a new AudioLevel plugin. This will allow for real-time VU-Meter and Spectrum Analyzer visualizations of sound output.
see Audio Level plugin for full documentation and example skins.

Mask Image functionality
Added the ability to mask an image inside the shape and size of another.
see Image – Mask Image for documentation, and Change Announcements for a full description and examples.

Formatted date / time options
Added several new options to allow using a formatted date / time string in the TimeStamp option of a time measure. This can for instance allow the measure to parse and use a date / time string which might come from an RSS feed or other WebParser measure.

  • Time Measure: TimeStampFormat to define a “mask” for the date/time string.
  • Time Measure: TimeStampLocale to define the input “language / locale” that the formatted date / time string is in.
  • Time Measure: FormatLocaleto define the output “language / locale” that the formatted date / time string will use.
  • Uptime Measure: SecondsValue to format some number of seconds as days/hours/minutes/seconds as desired.
  • Section Variables: :time stamp to return the Window timestamp value of a Time measure.

A full description and examples are at Change Announcements

Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time
Added several new option values ​​to the TimeStamp option of the Time measure, to return dates and times for the start and end of Daylight Saving Time.
Added several new option values ​​to the SysInfoType option of the SysInfo plugin, to return Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time offset information.
A full description and examples are at Change Announcements

Error actions for WebParser
Added some new error actions to the WebParser plugin, to allow skins to take some action when several categories of error conditions happen.

  • OnConnectErrorAction to allow taking an action when a site or file resource cannot be connected to.
  • OnRegExpErrorAction to allow taking an action when parsing a site or file resource with RegExp (regular expression) fails.
  • OnDownloadErrorAction to WebParser measures to allow taking an action when a remote file defined by Download=1 fails to download or can’t be saved locally.
  • Reset command, used with the !CommandMeasure bang, to reset all values ​​in the WebParser parent and related child measures to their initial empty values.

A full description and examples are at Change Announcements

Other enhancements and fixes in Rainmeter 3.2

  • Added Favorites functionality to the Rainmeter and Skins context menus. Also added support for making a skin a “Favorite” in the manage dialog. More details at Change Announcements
  • Added a new DefaultUpdateDivider option to the [Rainmeter] section of skins.
  • Added Atan2 – Atan2(y, x) math function to formulas
  • Added Min(x, y), Max(x, y) and Clamp(x, low, high) math functions to formulas
  • Added the value ~100 to both Manage and the skin context menus to support setting the transparency of a skin to an opacity of 1, which is invisible but will still react to the mouse. This can be used in conjunction with the fade in / fade out / on hover capabilities.
  • Added a new PathToFile value for the FileView plugin Type child measure option. This will return just the path the file, including a trailing “\”.
  • Added support for the 802.11ac protocol to the WifiStatus plugin.
  • Moved the Open folder and Disable dragging options to the top of the Skins context menu for easier access.
  • Fixed: A running Time measure will now automatically update for a change in Daylight Savings Time without requiring a skin refresh.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the #SCREENAREAWIDTH# / #SCREENAREAHEIGHT# built-in variables would not initially detect the monitor the skin was loaded on until a refresh.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the list of Layouts in Manage / Layouts could be off by one if the @Backup Layout was missing.
  • Fixed: Corrected a power plugin STATUS issue when the battery level is higher than “low”, but not currently charging.

Version history and details

Version number 3.2 r2384
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website rain gauge
File size


License type Freeware