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QB64 is a modern version of the BASIC programming language. The code is compiled to machine language, making it fast and linking to external C and C++ programming libraries. It is nearly fully compatible with QBasic 4.5 and includes support for extensions such as OpenGL. QB64 is also open source, available for Windows, Linux and macOS, has a good wiki and support forum. In version 2.0 we find new debug features in the IDE. The changelog for this release looks like this:

New features

All platforms

  • New $Debug metacommand, with added breakpoint/step abilities and real-time variable watching to the IDE.
  • Quick reference for commands is now shown in the status bar when syntax errors are detected.
  • _Source is now also set to _Console when $Console:Only is used.
  • Allows Ctrl+\ to be used as a shortcut to repeat search (legacy QBasic shortcut).
  • Functions _MK$ and _CV can now deal with _OFFSET values.
  • New “View on Wiki” button on help panel (launches equivalent wiki page using the default browser).
  • New _EnvironCount function to show how many environment variables are found.
  • Color schemes can now be set/saved individually for each running instance of the IDE.


  • Automatically embeds a manifest file when compiling an exe with $VersionInfo, so that Common Controls v6.0 gets linked at runtime.
  • Adds the %TEMP%, Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories to _Dir$() folder specifications.


All platforms

  • Improved wiki parser.
  • Contextual menu would crash when right-clicking a series of high-ascii characters.
  • Fixes an issue with passing an array as a Sub/Function argument (missing parenthesis now properly detected).
  • Fixes Clear making $Console mode invalid.
  • Fixes a syntax highlighter issue regarding scientific notation.
  • Fixes an issue in Windows Vista and up with incorrect resolution returned on a scaled desktop.
  • Fixes Const parser accepting unsupported string functions and failing with some very specific const names.
  • Explicitly sets x87 fpu to extended precision mode.
  • Removes 255-character limit for Input/Line Input with strings.
  • Fixes Data commands failing to compile in some circumstances.
  • $NoPrefix, Option _Explicit and Option _ExplicitArray can now be placed anywhere in a program, no longer having to be the first statement.
  • Fixes MEM reverting to _MEM as a sub parameter in $NoPrefix mode.
  • Fixes case adjustment of array names in UBound/LBound calls.
  • Prevents users from creating self-referencing Type blocks.
  • Fixes issue that prevented loading file names beginning with numbers.
  • Fixes file open/save dialogs issue with path navigation.
  • Complete rewrite of the internals for Environ$().
  • Fixes evaluation of valid var/flag names for $Let/$If – same rules for variable names now apply.
  • Fixes incorrect parsing of Type blocks with multiple elements using the AS type element-list syntax.
  • Fixes issue with Put # and variable-length strings in UDTs (Binary files).
  • Fixes issue with recursive functions without parameters.


  • Allows $Console:Only programs to return _WindowHandle.
  • Saving a file to the root of a drive would display double backslashes in the Recent Files list.
  • Allows the “move” mouse icon to be set with _MouseShow.


  • Flushes the console output so Print can properly display text even while retaining the cursor.
  • Allows the “cycle” mouse icon to be set with _MouseShow.


  • xmessage added to dependency list (setup script).
  • Fixes InKey$ acting too slow.
  • Fixes compilation error with Data statements on gcc 11.
  • Detects non-x86 based architectures.
  • Flushes the console output so Print can properly display text even while retaining the cursor.
  • Allows the “cycle”/”move” mouse icons to be set with _MouseShow.

Version number 2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website QB64
file size


License type GPL
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