Software update: PuTTY 0.78

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Version 0.78 of PuTTY has been released. PuTTY is one of the most popular telnet and ssh clients, allowing remote management of a computer over a secure connection. Originally the program was only available for Windows, but there are now also clients for the various Unix platforms. Due to a problem, Windows users are advised to uninstall the old version first. The changelog for this release can be found below.

Changes in version 0.78:

  • Support for OpenSSH certificates, for both user authentication keys and host keys.
  • New SSH proxy modes, for running a custom shell command or subsystem on the proxy server instead of forwarding a port through it.
  • New plugin system to allow a helper program to provide responses in keyboard-interactive authentication, intended to automate one-time password systems.
  • Support for NTRU Prime post-quantum key exchange,
  • Support for AES-GCM (in the OpenSSH style rather than RFC 5647).
  • Support for more forms of Diffie-Hellman key exchange: new larger integer groups (such as group16 and group18), and support for using those and ECDH with GSSAPI.
  • Bug fix: the 32-bit Windows build now runs on Windows XP again.
  • Bug fix: server-controlled window title setting now works again even if the character set is ISO 8859 (or a few other affected single-byte character sets).
  • Bug fix: certain forms of OSC escape sequences (sent by some real servers) could cause PuTTY to crash.
  • Bug fix: the -pwfile/-pw options no longer affect local key passphrase prompts, and no longer suppress Plink’s anti-spoofing measures.

Note: installing the 0.78 or later Windows installer will not automatically uninstall 0.77 or earlier, due to a change we’ve made to work around a bug. We recommend uninstalling the old version first, if possible. If both end up installed, uninstalling both and then re-installing the new version will fix things up.

Version number 0.78
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website PuTTY
File size


License type GPL
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