Software Update: PTGui 11.20

A frequently discussed piece of software in the Photo & Video Workflow subforum is PTGui. This program focuses on stitching panoramic photos on both macOS and Windows systems. With a stack of photos as input, the program can figure out how to put them next to each other. For the computation-intensive part, it can also use the gpu via OpenCL to be ready faster. It features various options, where PTGui Pro also makes it possible to combine HDR photos, mask moving objects and adjust the viewing point, among other things. Version 11.20 was released a few days ago with the following changes:

Version 11.20

  • Added Italian translation (thanks Luca Vascon!)
  • Fixed: wrong values ​​were displayed for the Shear parameters in the Lens Setting tab
  • Fixed: bug in PTGui Viewer on macOS 10.14 and earlier, on retina screens: the panorama was not centered in the viewer
  • Fixed: occasional crashing with GPU acceleration enabled

Version 11.19

  • LibRaw (used for decoding of RAW files) has been updated. PTGui can now load Canon .CR3 files and GoPro .GPR files. For details see LibRaw 201910 snapshot.
  • A ‘noise floor’ slider has been added in the Exposure/HDR tab. This is used when merging bracketed images (in the True HDR workflow). Use it to remove excessive image noise that might appear in HDR panoramas generated from relatively noisy images (eg images taken at high ISO). See the tooltip for the Noise Floor slider for more information.
  • Performance improvements when using GPU acceleration (40% faster for certain projects on certain hardware).
  • Fixed: Bug in PTGui web viewer (used by Publish to Website) on an iPad with iPadOS 13: no response from the touchscreen, so navigating the panorama was not possible. All newly created web pages from Publish to Website will use the new version of the viewer. Existing published panoramas can be updated by replacing PTGuiViewer.js with the new version: download the latest PTGuiViewer.js here.
  • Fixed: If a set of images with a repeating exposure sequence was loaded, and ‘This is not an HDR exposure set. Do not enable HDR mode’ was selected, the control point generator could still treat it as an HDR exposure sequence and only generate control points between images having the same exposure.
  • Fixed: OpenCL intialization failed on AMD 5700X GPU (and possibly other recent AMD GPUs too), preventing the use of GPU acceleration.
  • Fixed: a fresh installation of PTGui could occasionally have the tooltips disabled. To fix this for everyone, this update will always enable tooltips even if they were disabled previously. Tooltips can be disabled (if desired) in the Options / Preferences.
  • Fixed: the option ‘After sending projects to the Batch Stitcher: Close the Batch Stitcher when done’ had no effect. It now works as expected. Still, this setting only has effect if the batch stitcher was not yet open. If the batch stitcher was already open (eg by using Tools – Batch Stitcher), it will remain open regardless of this setting.
  • Fixed: leveling a panorama would not work perfectly if the project contains viewpoint corrected images. PTGui now ignores viewpoint corrected images when leveling (provided there are at least 3 images without viewpoint correction).
  • Fixed: PTGui would crash when loading a .png image with indexed colors (palette) and transparency.
  • Fixed: A wrong compass angle (GPSImageDirection) would be embedded in panoramas stitched from Theta Z1 images.

Version number 11.20
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website PTGu
License type Paid