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Software update: PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.1.2

 PowerDNS is a dns-server with a database as back-end, so that the management of a large number of dns-entries can take place in an easy way. The developers have previously decided to publish the two parts that make up PowerDNS, a recursor and a authoritative nameserver separately, so that they can release a new version faster and more accurately, according to the developers. The authoritative nameserver will only respond to a dns look-up if it relates to the domains for which it is responsible. The developers have released PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.1.2. The changes to this release are as follows:


  • API: increase serial after dnssec related updates
  • Auth: lower ‘packet too short’ loglevel
  • Make check-zone error on rows that have content but should not
  • Auth: avoid an isan amount of new backend connections during an ax
  • Report unparseable data in incr invalid_argument exception
  • Backport: recheck serial when axfr is done
  • Backport: add tcp support for alias

Bug Fixes

  • Auth: allocate new statements after reconnecting to postgresql
  • Auth-binding backend: only compare ips in ismaster () (Kees Monshouwer)
  • Rather than crash, sheepishly report no file / linenum
  • Document undocumented config vars
  • Backport # 6276 (auth 4.1.x): prevent cname + other data with dnsupdate


  • Move includes around to avoid boost L conflict
  • Backport: update edns option code list
  • Auth: link d nspcap2protobuf against librt when needed
  • Fix a warning on bot> = 2.5.0
  • Auth 4.1.x: unbreak build
  • Dnsreplay: bail out on a small outgoing buffer
  • Backport: debian authoritative packaging fixes for 4.1
  • Fix piddir detection on centos 6


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