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With version number, a new public version of Plex Media Server has been released. This program is an open source media server for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and various NAS devices. It can serve content to clients on the same machine, within the local network or even over the internet. Client software is available for the aforementioned operating systems, but also for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Google TV and Chromecast. The program includes its own App Store, where plug-ins can be exchanged. For example, content from various streaming services can be viewed via these plug-ins. In addition, there is PlexPass, a paid service that gives early access to new versions, in addition to discounts on ‘Premium features’. The release notes for this release can be found below.


  • playlists!
  • Extras! (Note: Extras can be added to existing libraries with a Force Refresh)
  • Import from iTunes feature for libraries including smart playlist import.
  • (API) Support for blur, saturation, and alpha blending on image transcode endpoint.
  • (API) Support for rich “composite” images.
  • (API) Support for “starts with” and “ends with” operators in filters.
  • (API) Allow null values ​​for ID fields.
  • (API) Add support for “limit=X” in filters.
  • Support for skip count and skip date.
  • hey! A brand new sexy application icon.
  • Added a new preference to limit Cloud Sync upload speed.


  • Default account to english as opposed to nothing at all.
  • An issue with continuous play on items with same air date.
  • Massive (like 50x) speedup for global Recently Added endpoint.
  • Items inserted into the past in a play queue when adding to ‘up next’ after playing through.
  • Failure transcoding some channel content.
  • Sometimes we generated invalid JSON.
  • Fix an issue where sometimes sync items would fail to process or upload.
  • Much better audio boost.
  • On occasion, transcode would transcode audio when it should remux.
  • An ordering bug getting background art from all libraries.
  • A bug where an item could end up in a refresh loop.
  • Server could end up hanging during nighly DB optimization task.
  • Selected art could be reset on refresh if it was generated art.
  • Tweaks for menu bar icon on Yosemite.
  • Speed ​​up deleting transcode temporary directories.
  • Play queues were returning all available alternate media for items.
  • Various crashes.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website plex, inc.
File size


License type GPL
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