Software Update: Pixie 1.5.5

Pixie is an open source application with which photorealistic renders can be made. The development team hopes that Pixie can eventually be used in graphics studies and by people who can’t afford commercial render packages. Support for programmable shading, motion blur, depth of field, ray tracing, scan-line rendering, area-light sources and occlusion culling, among other things, is available. Anyone who is curious about some results after rendering can go on this page take a look. Version 1.5.5 was recently released by the developers with the following changes:


  • rndr -k , now works to kill several netrender daemons at once
  • The default depth filter is min (for shadowmap compatibility) mid etc are still supported via the call to RiHider
  • The standard file output display driver parameters (compression etc) are defined for rib output
  • sdrinfo and the sdrGet API now support full paths to specify the compiled shader file


  • LOD (RiDetail / RiDetailRange) is supported for ray tracing
  • Irradiance cache modes R and rw have been reinstated (this may change again)
    Currently supported modes are:
    • “” – to create fresh cache, sample it then throw away
    • “w” – to create fresh cache, write out cache at the end
    • “r” – to seed with cache file, sample it and throw changes away
    • “rw” – to seed with cache file, sample, write out new cache at the end
    • “R” – to use cache file samples only.

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Version number 1.5.5
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website sourceforge
License type GPL