Software Update: Piwik 2.12.1

An update for version 2.12.0 of Piwik has been released. This program is an open source alternative to Google Analytics† It uses PHP and a MySQL database to do its job. The functionality can be easily extended with plugins, of which more than twenty are included. Of course you can also turn it off if certain functionality is not needed. For more information about Piwik, please refer to this page and an overview of the schedule is on this page to find. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

what’s new?

In this release we have focused on fixing a regression in the Visitor Log as well as other smaller fixes. 11 tickets have been closed by 5 contributors

List of 49 tickets closed in Piwik 2.12.1#7529

  • #7529 “Next” link on Visitor log does not load the next results
  • #7413 Enable tracker debug output only when specific parameter set
  • #7530 Allow more control for travis builds in .travis.yml generation system.
  • #7539 Transitions > Exits metric should count Downloads and Outlinks as exit path
  • #7535 Exception: Trying to log a message that is not a string
  • #7528 Website name is double encoded in page “No data has been recorded yet”
  • #7522 Visitor profile, visits loaded on click are missing the datetime
  • #7436 When clicking on Admin => Users it shows login form under circumstances
  • #7161 Delete idsite=1 and try to add a new user – does not work
  • #7510 Smaller website manager table to fit in smaller screens
  • #7448 Show indicator whether database upgrade is in progress

Version number 2.12.1
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website piwik
File size


License type GPL