Software Update: Piwik 2.11.1

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An update for version 2.11.1 of Piwik has been released. This program is an open source alternative to Google Analytics† It uses PHP and a MySQL database to do its job. The functionality can be easily extended with plugins, of which more than twenty are included. Of course you can also turn it off if certain functionality is not needed. For more information about Piwik, please refer to this page and an overview of the schedule is on this page to find. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Piwik 2.11.1

Piwik 2.11.1 is a new minor release of Piwik. It is a follow up to last week’s major 2.11.0 release. It includes a few bug fixes, in particular a performance regression introduced in 2.11.0. 16 tickets have been closed by 5 contributors!

List of 16 tickets closed in Piwik 2.11.1

  • #7195 Mysql process list is clogged with very inefficient updates on the archive blob tables
  • #7247 error in statistics graph, avg_time = 2
  • #7243 Adding segment name in Scheduled email report title
  • #7104 Make widgets load faster on Piwik dashboard, and sparklines load faster on All Websites
  • #7226 Move language report to location reports
  • #7216 Adding as search engine
  • #7121 Allow usernames with 2 letters
  • #6635 Move phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml in PHPUnit bootstrap or when executing tests
  • #7251 JavaScript Tracking Code: when a checkbox is clicked, make it clear the JS code was updated
  • #7261 Date Range Selector partially hidden in Dashboard
  • #7258 DevicesDetection: Warning – array_key_exists()
  • #7250 The parameter ‘period’ isn’t set in the Request, and a default value wasn’t provided. when clicking on API link in menu
  • #7193 When loading URL and not logged in, this should load the login form
  • #7187 Forced French translation even with English setting
  • #7185 System check not verifying permissions for LOAD DATA INFILE
  • #7244 Correctly process unique visitors across websites in MetaSite

Version number 2.22.1
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website piwik
File size


License type GPL
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