Software Update: Pidgin 2.14.9

Version 2.14.9 of Pidgin has been released. This multi-protocol instant messaging program can handle the networks of Jabber/XMPPBonjourGadu-GaduIRCMicroFocus GroupWise MessengerHCL SametimeSILCSIMPLE and Zephyr† By means of plugins, the functionality is even further expand† Downloads are available for Windows, Linux, and BSD. The macOS port is released under the name Adium. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:



  • Fix a GLib CRITICAL message with typing time outs. †Review 1123
  • Fix an issue where the unit tests for purple_str_to_time would fail. †GENTOO-819774




  • Fix a typo in the German translations. †PIDGIN-17575
  • Synced all of the translations with Transifex.


  • Fix IRC file transfers on Windows. †PIDGIN-17175
  • Fix file transfers failing at 99% on IRC. †PIDGIN-15893
  • Default realname and ident name in IRC to the username (nickname) of the account. †PIDGIN-17610
  • Add an advanced account option to IRC accounts for explicitly setting the SASL login name. †PIDGIN-15451
  • Added a rate limiter that should make it impossible to excess flood. †Review 1391


  • Fix an issue with the CSeq numbers in SIMPLE. †PIDGIN-9675


  • Fix XMPP attention messages being sent to incorrect JIDs. †PIDGIN-14714

Version number 2.14.9
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Pidgin
file size


License type GPL