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Version 5.8 of Pi-hole Core has been released. Also be Pi-hole Web 5.10 and FTL 5.13 hatched. Pi-hole is an advertising-aware DNS and web server intended to run on a Raspberry Pi in the network. If the router references Pi-hole for dns handling, all devices on the network will automatically use it without any settings being required. Ads are then no longer fetched, causing pages to load faster. Potentially, it can also keep malware at bay. For more information, we refer you to the explanation and videos on this pageor this manual from tweaker jpgview. The changelogs for the three separate modules can be found below.

Pi-hole Core v5.8

  • Fixed path to 404 file when using custom.php (#4488
  • Return the port FTL is listening on in pihole status function (#4485
  • Replace which with command -v (#4499
  • Set dnsmasq interface listening by default to local (#4509
  • master->development (#4513
  • Skip debug upload question if called from web interface (#4494
  • Install pihole-FTL.conf template on fresh installation (#4496
  • If PIHOLE_DOCKER_TAG is set, then include that info in the debug run (#4515
  • Use ss instead of lsof (#4518

Pi-hole web v5.10

  • Add link to Pi-hole docs when showing dnsmasq warnings (#2017
  • Fix gradient transparency issues in Safari (#2018
  • Use SVG to generate the QR code (#2022
  • LCARS theme additions (#2019
  • Improve appearance of the main menu (#2023
  • Add border to status indicators in the LCARS theme (#2024
  • Fix LCARS top navbar (#2025
  • Revert “Fix LCARS top navbar” (#2027
  • Fixing PR #2025 – top navbar (#2028
  • Fix invisible buttons in password fields (desktop Safari) (#2020
  • Localize summary numbers (#2029
  • Fixing PHP warnings in “qrcode.php” (#2033
  • Remove text transformation from update command (#2037
  • Include FTL’s DNS port in web status and give the temperature its own line (#2031
  • Status panel (.user-panel) visual adjustments (#2040
  • Prevent ad blockers from blocking query log UI elements (#2039
  • master -> developer (#2045
  • Fix mislabeled privacy setting (#2044
  • Tweak DHCP data tables (#2042

Pi Hole FTL v5.13

  • Add human-readable table output mode (#1262
  • Return DNS port on “>dns-port” telnet command (#1264
  • Fix cache statistics (#1267
  • Sync master -> development (#1266
  • Improve Linux capabilities check (#1270
  • Update SQLite to v3.37.1 (#1271
  • Update embedded dnsmasq (#1273

Version number 5.8 / 5.10 / 5.13
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Pi-hole
License type GPL
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