Software Update: Pi-hole Core 4.3.3

After the Web module was previously updated to version 4.3.3, the Core module has now also arrived on that version. Pi-hole is an advertising-aware dns and web server intended to run on a Raspberry Pi in the network. If the router references Pi-hole for dns handling, all devices on the network will automatically use it without any settings being required. Ads are then no longer fetched, causing pages to load faster. It can potentially also keep malware at bay. For more information, we refer you to the explanation and videos on this page, or this manual from tweaker jpgview. The following improvements have been made in this release:

Pi-hole Core version 4.3.3

  • backport fix from 5.0 for unknown FTL location when determining latest version
  • backport fix from 5.0 for detecting the system architecture for FTL download
  • backport fix from 5.0 for web interface not showing the correct versions after a web-only update

Version number 4.3.3
Release status Final
Website Pi-hole
License type GPL