Software Update: phpMyAdmin 2.7.0

The developers of phpMyAdmin have released version 2.7.0 after the first release candidate. This program consists of a collection of PHP scripts with which a MySQL database can be maintained and managed via a web interface. The full list of changes for version 2.7.0 is as follows:

Welcome to this version, after almost three months of development.


  • New plugin based import module
  • Some pages now use fieldsets for better look
  • Better support for information_schema
  • Upgrade script new options
  • Better display of privileges when there are differences between the various user definition tables
  • Structure: count unique value for each field
  • Can now limit the list of languages ​​shown
  • User-specific upload and save server directories
  • Remove Drop tab for mysql database
  • New transformation: SQL pretty printing
  • Ability to limit maximum size of extended insert
  • Support for searching in the foreign key window
  • Can now replace an existing bookmark
  • New shortcuts for IP rules
  • Detect lack of privileges for “Create new table”


  • Wrong display of localized MySQL error messages
  • Need to select the primary key for MIME-based print view
  • Handling of ENTER key when adding fields
  • InnoDB: truncating icon and exact row count
  • After dropping a db, links were missing
  • Strict mode and auto-increment fields insertion
  • Collation change for ENUM and SET
  • Display problems on special characters in column name
  • Links for MySQL documentation
  • Escaping or “_”
  • Could not edit privileges when different host in db and user
  • Changing auto-increment value for InnoDB
  • Correct sort order for foreign-key dropdowns
  • Group database by rightmost separator
  • Performance problem when inserting huge BLOBs
  • Calendar popup and time beginning by 0
  • … and many more…

[break]The following three downloads are ready:

Version number 2.7.0
Website phpMyAdmin
License type GPL
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