Software update: phpMyAdmin 2.5.5

Anyone who regularly uses a MySQL database will probably already know phpMyAdmin. The web interface for MySQL written in PHP has been quite popular for several years now. The volunteers of the open source project therefore have every reason to continue developing, which they do hard. Version 2.5.5 of the software was released yesterday. It changelog is, as befits a good open source project, quite gigantic. The announcement looks like this:

Welcome to version 2.5.5. This version requires at least PHP 4.1.x and MySQL 3.23.32. The team has made 15 small improvements and fixed over 25 bugs.[break]Those fifteen improvements are the following:[/break]

  • General code optimization by removing old PHP3 compatibility
  • Make default functions configurable
  • Visual scratchboard: show column names
  • Show overhead in table list, allow to check all overhead tables at once
  • Export: can suppress dates information
  • MySQL error messages improved formatting
  • Printview: display linked values ​​and other relational features
  • Export: allow delayed INSERTs, and support for UPDATE and REPLACE statements
  • Show result of last SHOW query when using multiple queries
  • Can now specify the default query
  • Catch table renaming with dot in the new name Multi-row edit
  • Date MIME transformation: show also real data before transformation
  • New language: Basque
  • Print view: show number of rows

[break]The pages of phpMyAdmin are available in different types of packages. You can here pick your favourite.

Version number 2.5.5
Website SourceForge
License type GPL