Software Update: PHP 4.4.2

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A day after the release of PHP 5.1.2, the developers of the hypertext preprocessor released a new version of the 4.4 branch released, namely 4.4.2. PHP is a so-called hypertext preprocessor and is mainly used to generate dynamic content in the HTML serverside markup language. The software is often used in combination with the database program MySQL, which serves the dynamic content of websites and forums. The new 4.4.2 version comes with a large number of changes. The main adjustments are listed below:

This is a bug fix release, which addresses some security problems too. The major points that this release corrects are:

  • Prevent header injection by limiting each header to a single line.
  • Possible XSS inside error reporting functionality.
  • Missing safe_mode/open_basedir checks into cURL extension.
  • Apache 2 regression with sub-request handling on non-Linux systems.
  • key() and current() regression related to references.

[break]A piece of PHP code

Version number 4.4.2
Website PHP
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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