Software Update: PDFCreator 1.9.5

A new version has been released of what should eventually lead to PDFCreator version 2.0. This program is capable of creating PDF files from any Windows application. PDFCreator installs like a printer driver, with the difference that the output does not go to the printer, but to a PDF file. Since version 1.6.0, pdf architect included, which can be used to edit PDF documents. This module is not included in the download itself, but is retrieved during the installation, if desired. The release notes for this release are as follows:

PDFCreator 1.9.5 released

We are getting closer and closer to PDFCreator 2.0 and are proud to release PDFCreator 1.9.5 today! After the positive tests and feedbacks for the previous version (Thanks a lot!), this is our first release of the rewritten PDFCreator, that is out of beta status.

To reduce the time till 2.0, we would like to present you the following improvements:

  • More detailed manual on how to use the COM interface
  • ActiveX interface for outlook
  • Automated fixing for broken permissions in the spool folder
  • New command line parameter /ManagePrintJobs to collect multiple print jobs even when using Auto-Save
  • Let Auto-Save either overwrite existing files or ensure unique filenames
  • Tokens in script action
  • Set a title template (with tokens)
  • Includes Ghostscript 9.14

Version number 1.9.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website pdfforge
File size


License type GPL