Software Update: PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.350

Tracker Software Products has released version 9.0.350 PDF-XChange Editor, an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader and Pro. It has a great number of features that are free to use and some that require payment. There is also a slightly more expensive plus version, with which, among other things, fillable forms can be created and there is better ocr functionality. The changelog for this release can be found below.

Newly added feature:

  • Added the ability to define a specific Default Layer when placing Comments and Content. (T # 4807)
  • Updated the Layers View to show the ‘Default Layer’ and the ‘Set as Default Layer’ commands.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop content and comments into the Layers pane. Note that this operation also specifies the layer to which content/comments belong.
  • Enhanced the overall functionality of layers. (T # 5080)
  • Added functionality that enables the reordering of documents in the ‘From TXT’, ‘From RTF’, ‘From Image Files’, ‘Combine Documents’, ‘Bates Numbering’ and ‘Create PDF Portfolio’ dialogs. (T # 5105) ( 33857 )
  • Implemented ‘Crop to White Margins’ functionality.
  • Added a ‘Split Document’ by Size feature. (T # 3287)
  • Added the ability to specify the on-screen / printed visibility for new watermarks. (T # 3379, 5051)
  • Added the ability to Normalize the Media box offset when Cropping and Resizing pages. (T # 5091)
  • Implemented ‘Split Pages by Guide Lines’ functionality. (T # 4694)
  • Implemented the possibility of retaining resized dialog box sizes between sessions. (T # 3455) ( 24619 )
  • Added separate commands to specify the ‘Locked’ and ‘Printable’ property for comments. (T # 5195)
  • Updated the ‘Markdown to PDF’ feature to have similar dialog box functionality to the ‘Combine Documents’ feature.
  • Updated the ‘Export to Word / Excel / Powerpoint’ features, which now have advanced dialog box options.
  • Added advanced macro types to the ‘Bookmark Plugin’ dialog boxes. (T # 4509) ( 30823 )
  • Added functionality to move content items to a selected layer. (T # 5012)
  • Added functionality that orders Layers in alphabetical order. (T # 4148) ( 30185 )
  • Added ‘Export Selected Layers’ functionality to the Layers Pane. (T # 5290)
  • Added ‘Import as Layer’ and ‘Overlay Pages’ features. (T # 5079)
  • Implemented link export / import from external files. (T # 5360) ( 35133 )
  • Improved page range, page destination and choose file controls in the UI.
  • Added the ‘Current Page’ option to the ‘Insert Pages’ dialog box. (T # 4293, 3749)
  • Added the ‘Recompress Images’ feature. (T # 4415) ( 31201 )
  • Added text list formatting options when adding / editing base content text.
  • Made general improvements to PDF text editing.
  • Added soft returns for PDF text editing.
  • Implemented improved support for RTL (right-to-left) text.
  • Added paragraph properties for PDF text.
  • Added functionality to specify ‘inverse’ page ranges, and for pages to be inserted in a specified order when inserting pages from a PDF file. (T # 4421)
  • Added recompress mask / softmask options to the Recompress Image feature. (T # 5010)
  • Added the ability to create and modify ‘tags structure’ in documents.
  • Added document accessibility check and report.
  • Added support for respawning pages from templates. (T # 5318)
  • Added the ability to use custom fonts to create signatures / initials.
  • Added rendering of existing 3D comments and measurements.
  • Added the ability to create 3D comments and linear measurements.
  • Added UI-automation support for the application UI, in order to make the software compatible with accessibility technology.
  • Added UI-automation support for document content, which means the software can be used in conjunction with screen readers.

A reported error or bug was fixed:

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the logical page number ranges when pages are added and deleted. (T # 5185) ( 34275 )
  • Corrected the display of attached document names in the Attachments pane. (T # 5273)
  • Corrected scaling of the Page Measurement icons on super high-resolution screens. (T # 5281)
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks were pointing to the wrong pages when files are combined. (T # 5314) ( 34917 )
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Extract Pages’ feature was creating a “broken” folder in Windows. (T # 5326)
  • Fixed an issue with Info Bars in panes. (T # 5163) ( 34209 )
  • Fixed an issue with splitting documents that was causing a duplicate Auto Number dialog box. (T # 5345)
  • Added canonicalization of new document paths when adding Bates Numbering to multiple files. (T # 3277)
  • Fixed the issue that was present when building a ‘Table of Contents’ with Bates numbering. (T # 5336)
  • Fixed the problem where the ‘Bookmarks To Links’ feature did not create links over hyphenated words. (T # 5416) ( 35535 )
  • Improved bold and italic detection. (T # 5115)
  • Fixed handling of symbolic fonts that have malformed cmap tables. (T # 5322)
  • Fixed handling of fonts that have invalid characters in their name. (T # 5216)
  • Improved the handling of broken PDF files. (T # 5325, 5332)
  • Corrected some issues when pasting rich text from the Windows clipboard.
  • Implemented fixes for XFA soft return and indents.
  • Implemented fixes for XFA filled tab stops.
  • Fixed the issue with sending PDFs that have filenames longer than 130 characters. (T # 4396)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when the first page of some PDFs was deleted. (T # 5154)
  • Fixed an issue with building Editorial paths.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the inability to choose the ‘no decimal points’ option for precision in measurements. (T # 5375)
  • Fixed the issue with setting decimal and group separators for measurements. (T # 5346)
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Open Annot-Popup’ feature when the split view was enabled / disabled multiple times, resulting in the popups sometimes not being displayed. (T # 5363)
  • Fixed an issue where only one of many selected pages rotated 180 degrees when this feature was used from a custom location. (T # 5298)

Changed, reviewed, modified feature

  • Added advanced output options in the Split Document dialog box. (T # 4912) ( 33136 )
  • Added the ‘Split every x Points’ option to the ‘Split Pages’ dialog box, and also added the option of setting the split value from the top. (T # 4855) ( 32854 )
  • Added the ‘Save Copy’ command to the ‘Broken Document’ banner. (T # 4811)
  • Improved the ‘Split Document’ feature, which now has the ability to split PDF documents by bookmarks at levels lower than only the top bookmark. (T # 3568)
  • Added a ‘Bookmark Name’ macro to the Watermarks and Headers / Footers dialog boxes. (T # 5199) ( 34369 )
  • Added an option of setting the indent spacing for each Table of Contents level. (T # 5396)
  • Improved the layer flattening feature, which now has the option to select the required layers. ( 34213 )
  • Implemented an advanced ‘Report Bug’ dialog box, which allows the direct sending of required data to the Report Bug web form.
  • Added advanced Mask recompression functionality to the ‘Recompress Image’ feature.
  • Improved text indent handling.
  • Fixed an issue with text alignment for the typewriter tool.
  • Improved touch and pen support.
  • Improved how the spellchecker handles single quotes.
  • Improved text selection by words.
  • Updated the document location that is used for new bookmarks. This location is now the page and position in the top-left corner of the page’s view, instead of the top of the current page. Note that it is possible to revert to the previous setup where necessary. (T # 5309)
  • Improved the stability / reliability of Shell Extensions.
  • Updated the Enhanced OCR engine (to Finereader), which has significantly improved the process of text recognition, and more than 190 languages ​​are now available for OCR, including Arabic, Hebrew, and many others.

Version number 9.0.350
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Tracker Software Products
File size 334.45MB
License type Freeware / Paid

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