Software update: Passmark BurnInTest 7.1 build 1017

PassMark Software has released an update to version 7.1 of BurnInTest. This program puts the various parts of the computer to work in order to test the reliability and stability of the system. The software is available in a standard version and a professional edition, with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for download. The professional edition offers additional testing capabilities, including for tape drives and parallel, serial and USB ports. In addition, the memory tests in the Pro version are more extensive. More information about the differences between them is here to find. Since the previous entry in the Meuktracker, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 7.1 build 1017:

  • Corrected a crash bug when collecting disk SMART information during startup (problem reported on a single system).
  • Windows 8.1 support confirmed (no changes made to BurnInTest). Minor change to Rebooter.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1016:

  • CPU temperature monitoring and additional CPU information for Intel Silvermont/ Bay Trail and Ivy Bridge-EP (eg i7-4930K).
  • If Temperature->”Stop testing on threshold exceeded” was triggered for multiple temperature sources at the same time, then the Stop tests action could occur more than once (eg more than one FAIL Window could be displayed). This has been corrected.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1015:

  • The detailed memory information could be truncated in a small number of cases. eg the serial number may not have been displayed. This has been corrected.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1014:

  • Minor changes to the detection of no operations for the memory test. Increased debug logging for a specific memory test no operations error.
  • New scripting commands: SETTEMP SCALE and SETTEMP AUTO.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1013:

  • New scripting commands: PLUGIN SIMULTANEOUS, PLUGIN IGNORE_NO_OPS, SETMANAGEMENT. Scripting support for 5 pre-test plugins (up from 3). Improvements to very long parameter handling in scripts.
  • Added an error message for the case when Bootable BurnInTest is booted from WinPE 3/Win7 (or lower) when connected to a USB 3.0 port and is not supported.
  • Minor software text updates.
  • Help update.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1012:

  • Added 2 new scripting commands, SETTEST and UNSETTEST. These allow tests to be selected or de-selected in a script (without the use of a loaded configuration file).
  • Corrected the default Standard Network loopback address (problem introduced in 7.1.1009).
  • Corrected AMD Family 15h/16h temperatures (problem introduced in 7.1.1009).
  • Added logging for the disk test if the test files can not be deleted.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1011:

  • Management console defaults corrected for v7.1.1009 configuration file. This led to too many status updates and BurnInTest being very sluggish when managing BurnInTest with the Management Console.
  • The Event Log “Description” column is now resized to fill any empty screen space when the BurnInTest Window is resized.

Changes in version 7.1 build 1010:

  • Disk serial numbers could be displayed for the wrong physical disk. This has been corrected.
  • Some additional information added for Intel Bay Trail CPUs.

The following downloads are available:
PassMark BurnInTest 7.1 build 1017 – Standard (32bit)
PassMark BurnInTest 7.1 build 1017 – Standard (64bit)
PassMark BurnInTest 7.1 build 1017 – Professional (32bit)
PassMark BurnInTest 7.1 build 1017 – Professional (64bit)

Version number 7.1 build 1017
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website PassMark Software
File sizes

7.37MB – 9.23MB

License type Shareware