Software update: Pamela 1.3

Pamela is an answering machine for the VoIP application Skype and comes from Pamela Systems. It is able to record a message or send a text message to the caller if you don’t feel like or have the time to answer a call via Skype. Pamela is available in three flavors, the Basic variant which is free to use, the Standard variant has a price tag but also more options and if you want to use all the options you can purchase the Professional variant. A clear overview with the possibilities of these three flavors is here to find. Version 1.3 is now available with the following announcement:

Pamela-Systems proudly presents the next release of Pamela for Skype. The 1.3 release is a great leap forward in function set and in product stability. We’d specifically like to thank all people involved in making this product what is is today, the many beta testers and all 34 translators who provided their translations for Pamela!

This release adds new functions to Pamela and makes this the ultimate add-on application for Skype to make your calling experience even more comfortable (think of the feature where Pamela changes Skype status when you are on a call so people see that you are in a calls!). There are many more…

What’s new in this release?

  • First officially certified software application by Skype
  • Updated layout
  • Start assistant for easy configuration
  • Ability to record directly in Pamela (and publish to Podcast or Blog)
  • Option to play all Pamela recordings with the default Windows player instead of the built in player of Pamela
  • Option to set call record volume (inbound/outbound separate)
  • optimized sound engine
  • Updated standard text reply message
  • Entries in Pamela main window and personalization options can now be sorted by clicking on the titles
  • Full blogging module added (like Pamcasting but for blog sites). Supports Metaweblog API, Blogger API and Atom API
  • Complete automatic crash report module with HTTP upload
  • Updated tray menu for quicker access to voice and text options
  • Tray menu behavior updated (clicking on it opens menu, double click support added)
  • Ability to send email to two different email addresses, one without attachment, one with (eg one for SMS notification!)
  • When you are in a call, Pamela will now list the people that tried to call you during your call
  • Program auto update module added
  • Added program registration module to Standard and Professional for easy conversion from trial to full version (no download or re-install required). This also allows for easier updates as registered users just install the latest trial release to update!
  • Some admin functions in the registry added (to hide view menu, console and options menus) to enable better company usage
  • Option in personalization module to set auto text-reply language automatically according to ISO settings of contact
  • Button in personalization screen added to syncronise list manually with contact list of Skype
  • Updated beep with lower volume level (voicemail and call recording)
  • Added Turkish and Romanian to the languages. Total now is 34 languages.
  • Many additional optimizations and improvements.

Version number 1.3
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Pamela Systems
License type Shareware