Software Update: Opera 10.50 Build 3275 Beta

The Opera Desktop team continues to throw out new development versions of the Opera web browser frantically. Tuesday was the release candidate for the Mac OS X version available, Wednesday the second beta release for Windows and also Thursday there are new builds waiting for you, this time for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. Version 10.50 includes a newer version of Carakan, the javascript engine that is part of version 2.5 of the layout engine Presto. This version of Carakan should be a lot faster than its predecessors. The changelog for this release looks like this:

User Interface

  • Auto proxy (.pac) support re-enabled
  • Removed hardcoded icons from HTML5 input elements
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278062 (File icons in the download dialog are stretched)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282878 (Bookmark crash)
  • Fixed ALIEN-888 (Fix a problem with never finish loading for Opera Unite)
  • Updates to some translations


  • Several crash fixes
  • Carakan fixes
  • Fixed Bug CORE-25773 (document.writing in a text document that has been replaced by a JS statement causes a crash)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27373 (Opera will crash on
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26563 (JSON.parse corrupted)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27290 (Crash when disconnecting from remote debug mode)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27479 (Inconsitency between built-in and standalone proxy of the data format for repeated values ​​if they are empty)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-28032 (shape-rendering=crispEdges doesn’t disable antialiasing)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-28063 (Make it possible to get localized strings on feed preview page)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27398 (Sina mail unavailable at all (onreadystatechange not sent to document anymore) – TinyMCE, WordPress dialogs are empty)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27192 (Cannot play videos on
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26492 (Crash on dragging svg with foreignObject)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-24095 (Read out service setting for protected key)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-14632 (Support ‘binary download’ or ‘text/plain;charset=x-user-defined’ resource with XmlHttpRequest)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-25405 (Links unclickable for
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26600 ( send shortcut fails)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27723 (Windowless QuickTime not supported)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26512 (JS engine hangs when calling method on non-initialized plugin object in DOM (taobao))
  • Fixed Bug CORE-25751 (Google text-to-speech failing in Evenes)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27855 (Silverlight plugin requires mouse coordinates to be passed relative to viewport and not window)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-273395 (Cookies are not forgotten when closing a private tab)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26479 (Height + margin stretches the checkbox)


  • Shoutbox fixes and other tweaks


  • Fixed Bug CORE-28088 (Fixed memory leak with misbehaving plugin Flash 10.0 r22, 64-bit Linux)

The following downloads are available:
Opera 10.50 build 3275 for Windows (msi)
Opera 10.50 build 3275 for Windows (Classic)
Opera 10.50 build 8267 for Mac OS X (info)
Opera 10.50 build 6235 for Linux/FreeBSD

Note: Different build numbers are used for Mac OS X and Linux versions.

Version number 10.50 build 3275 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Opera
File sizes 9.59MB – 16.20MB
License type Freeware