Software update: Opera 10.0 build 1691

A new development version of the web browser Opera was released on Friday. Opera is free to use and includes features like tabbed browsing, a popup blocker, and an email program with spam filter. This release includes several improvements to Opera Unite. For example, stability has been improved and a chat function has been added. The appearance has also been refined a bit. For example, the red notification dot has been changed to blue and the thumbnail tabs have been improved. Below is the full changelog for version 10.0 build 1691:

User Interface

  • Changing the red notification dot to blue
  • Further work on page bar elements
  • Improvements to appearance and hit area of ​​standard skin floating, head and tail buttons
  • Minor fix to ensure the menu button is shown even if the panel toggle is removed
  • Minor fix to to UI customization to ensure the correct toolbar is highlighted
  • Moved the tail toolbar to the top when tabs are on the side. Max width is also now 50% larger than the default
  • Removed some of the redundant spacing on the right of the floating pagebar toolbar
  • Removing text bold and blue color from attention tabs
  • Fixed Bug DSK-236184 (Localized “Preview” text doesn’t fit in speed dial)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259720 (Tabs wrapping not set back to no wrapping when setting tab placement back to top from left or right)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259754 (Resizing tab thumbnails on the left or right side is slow)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260044 (Drag scrollbar skin leftover if changed tab bar placement from top/bottom to left/right)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260065 (Clicking on the thread expander selects the message but should only expand/collapse)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260111 (The tab bar tail has incorrect background)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260157 (Discrepancy in language names in prefs)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260333 (When hovering speed dial thumbnails they get a black line on the left and right side)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260396 (Thumbnails not shown on the side after restart if head toolbar is off)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260690 ([Pagebar Tail Button Skin] & [Pagebar Thumbnail Floating Button Skin] styling doesn’t show)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260786 (Clicking on where the thread expander would have been doesn’t show the message)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-252540 (Error console no longer has a clickable link/icon to the filenames of the files throwing the errors)
  • Fixed panels-as-tabs-toolbars in the Mac Native skin
  • Fixed some menu button negative margin issues
  • Fixed the layout of the floating + button when on the sides
  • Fixed to prevent the menu button disappearing when entering the prefs dialog and changing something then pressing Ok
  • Fixed various minor issues when Visual Tabs are shown on the side
  • Further Fix to Bug DSK-259960 (Remember last email used in crashlog upload dialog)
  • Partial Fix of Bug DSK-236446 (Encoded (unreadable) address in URL auto-complete)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-235730 (Crash when saving the session)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-22963 (A web font redefined in a style sheet that doesn’t get applied to the page breaks the previously defined webfont)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-23336 (use error.css for cross domain warning page)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260106 (Blocking content that is added as an iframe src using JavaScript causes page to never stop loading)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260744 (Text under Appearance not updated after language change)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-257667 (View > Period doesn’t work on PowerPC and SPARC)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-236094 (Panel selector unread count not updated when marking mulitple mesasges)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-236950 (Inaccurate naming of “published” column for feeds)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-256504 (clicking on a popup email notification brings up the unread messages tab without the icon in the tab)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259266 (M2 doesn’t handle From header in message when QP encoding starts inside quotes)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259594 (Use system selected fonts for html compose font chooser)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259386 (Inlined images sent from Thunderbird are recognized as attachments and not content id elements)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260254 (Mail Column Header Alignment)
  • Changes to make the database consistency check dialog appear less often


  • Added messenger unit service
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes
  • Fixed Bug CORE-22311 (%5C on the url will make the Unite webserver unresponsive)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-23304 (Opera freezes when unite access folder with many files)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-255935 (Upgrade from non-Unite to Unite build does not add Unite status icon)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260153 (“Computer name is in use” dialog sometimes appears more than once)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260230 (Unequal padding and minor adjustments needed in “Service Settings” dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260317 (“Install as a new service” input fields not correctly aligned)
  • Fixed Bug TURBO-259 (No Turbo for local Unite services)

Spelling Checker

  • Fixed Bug DSK-259958 (Wrong compose context menu)
  • Change so that when the UI is set to a language other than english, the dictionary wizard is opened when Check Spelling is enabled


  • General improvements to Win Native theme
  • Fixed Bug CORE-21083 (Copy of nbsp (non-breaking space) puts unexpected data on the clipboard)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257572 (Dropdown buttons in windows native skin overlap the select box)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-260185 (Pagebar is missing attention state when hovering a tab)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260298 (Mac native’s startbar is a lot wider than Mac standard’s startbar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259775 (Mac skin top dragbar knob repeated on left/right)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-260216 (Crash after dragging a tab to a second window, closing it and then activating the first window)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-243508 (Opera tray icon transparency issue in Qt4 builds)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-954 (Opera does not add .html extension when saving pages with images)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260188 (Upnp memory leaks on linux)

The following downloads are available:
Opera 10.0 build 1691 for Windows (msi)
Opera 10.0 build 1691 for Windows (Classic)
Opera 10.0 build 6604 for Mac OS X (Intel)
Opera 10.0 build 6604 for Mac OS X (Universal)
Opera 10.0 build 4529 for UNIX/Linux

It should be noted that Opera uses different build numbers for its Mac OS X and Linux versions.

Version number 10.0 build 1691
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Opera
File sizes 7.30MB – 18.80MB
License type Freeware