Software update: Opera 10.0 build 1497

Opera has released a new development version of its Internet browser of the same name. The version number of this so-called ‘development snapshot’ is 10.0 build 1497. Opera is free to use and includes features such as tabbed browsing, a popup blocker and an email program with spam filter. From this version, updates can be retrieved automatically if DownloadAllSnapshots is enabled in the configuration. Also, upgrading directly from version 9.6x should now run smoothly, although backing up the configuration is still recommended. Below is the changelog for this version:


  • New context menu on the Turbo button


  • reversed [CORE-17828] GetBoxRect gives incorrect result for inline which contains block (caused the regression with empty anchors)
  • [CORE-6713] Absolutely positioned sibling of a relatively positioned child of a block with overflow hidden is not visible until all text is selected
  • [CORE-19778] Scripting does not resume if embed is replaced with CSS “content” property (
  • [CORE-20253] Facebook links wrap to new lines with Norwegian layout
  • [CORE-20438] Query stripped from hash – mobile books on Google does not work properly
  • [CORE-20596] never stops loading with Delayed Script Execution enabled
  • [CORE-132609] Nested absolutely positioned element disappears if ancestor has non-visible overflow
  • [CORE-12143] Incorrect cursor behavior when ‘moving back’ in a RTL textarea
  • [CORE-20179] User can use spell checker to retrieve passwords


  • Work on license dialog for spell checking dictionary downloads
  • Crash logging: Some improvements and rollbacks to crash upload dialog, startup will NOT be skipped
  • Increased the width of the inline find pop-up
  • [DSK-249030] (null) in the server security icon instead of server name
  • [DSK-249277] Server name button in authentication dialog gives info for originating URL


  • [DSK-246549] Kill the lexicon file if it’s corrupted, and let it be reindexed


  • [DSK-252091] “Use system default” dropdown in the BitTorrent download dialog should be inactive when that radio button isn’t selected
  • [DSK-252084] BitTorrent dialog only works the first time you click a torrent link

Opera Turbo

  • Added info menu item in Turbo context menu
  • Changed Turbo info URL
  • Tweaks to the detection of slow connections
  • Small fix for Turbo not enabling when clicked


  • [CORE-15825] Crash in DOM inspector when inspecting document object with ‘node’ setting


  • Prefs setting to control display or crash dialog
  • [DSK-228856] Address field not updated on redirect for tab opened in the background): Don’t handle focus different for unix desktop
  • [DSK-251817] Crash when opening menus
  • [DSK-251930] Linux builds do not upload any crashlogs


  • [DSK-252561] Flash content loses its position when scrolling

Known Issues

  • The license dialog when adding languages ​​to the spelling checker is work in progress, it is not usable yet
  • [DSK-250495] Linux: Spellcheck no longer working in some Linux distributions (Mandriva, Fedora) after recent changes to locations of configuration files.

The following downloads are available:
Opera 10.0 build 1497 for Windows (msi)
Opera 10.0 build 1497 for Windows Classic
Opera 10.0 build 1497 for Mac OS X (Intel)
Opera 10.0 build 1497 for Mac OS X (universal)
Opera 10.0 build 1497 for UNIX/Linux

Version number 10.0 build 1497
Release status Alpha
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Opera
File size 5.36MB
License type Freeware