Software Update: OpenRA Playtest 20150329

OpenRA is an open source and cross platform clone of Dune 2000 and the Command and Conquer titles Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. The basic parts, which are sufficient to play the game, can be downloaded from the internet. You do need the original CD for all parts such as music and videos. OpenRA has some improvements over the original games. For example, they can be played in a higher resolution and multiplayer games can be played against players on other platforms. Playtest 20150329 has just been released, a development version. The main improvements made to this can be found below.

Playtest 20150329

The next release is drawing closer as we enter the feature freeze phase of the development cycle with this new playtest.

You can help our efforts to create a stable and balanced release by testing and reporting bugs or giving feedback on our various social media sites and forums, or simply in the comments section below.

Since the last playtest, we have continued our focus on the Dune 2000 mod, which has received a brand new sidebar. The sandworms feature has been polished, and harvester insurance has been added, so if you lose your only harvester to a sandworm, it will be replaced automatically, for free!

Those players that mourned the loss of the left-click orders option will be glad to hear that is has returned, better than ever. A new contributor took it upon himself to re-implement it in a way that avoided the numerous problems the earlier implementation had.

Other highlights include:

  • In sell mode, a structure’s tooltip will show the expected refunded value.
  • Spy planes in Red Alert will no longer lure your anti-air capable units across the map.
  • Airplanes will now fly higher and not push helicopters out of their way anymore.
  • Harvester logic has been improved to make use of all available refineries and to avoid blockages.
  • New missions: Allies03b and Allies05a for Red Alert, and GDI05a, Nod02a and Nod02b for Tiberian Dawn.
  • More memory usage and performance improvements.
  • On Linux, the .orarep file extension will be associated with OpenRA so that replays can be started from a file manager with a simple double-click.

The changelog has the full list of fixes, changes and new features.

Version number Playtest 20150329
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website openRA
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License type GPL