Software update: OpenELEC 4.0.3

The third update of version 4.0 of the Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center has been released. This Linux distribution is based on XBMC Media Center and can turn a computer into a full-fledged HTPC. OpenELEC is easy to install, maintain and use, as well as being small and lightning fast. In version 4.0, which is based on XBMC version 13, fewer different versions are offered. Images are available for AppleTV, Raspberry Pi, and a generic build for i386 and x86_64 environments. The specific builds for AMD’s Fusion and Nvidia’s ION platform, among others, have disappeared. Version 4.0.3 is based on XBMC Media Center 13.1 RC 1 and adds support for the Xbox One remote control, improvements in the sound card configuration module, and various bug fixes.

Updated and changed Components

  • update to xf86-video-nvidia-331.79
  • update to wlan-firmware-0.0.21
  • update to xbmc-13-4410736 (XBMC 13.1 RC1)
  • update to wireless-regdb-2014.05.19
  • update to bcm2835-driver-b163259
  • update to bcm2835-bootloader-b163259
  • update to service.openelec.settings-0.3.17
  • update to Mesa-10.1.4
  • xbmc: update RPi support patch
  • ethtool: add support to disable WOL for broken drivers, add ‘e1000e’ as broken driver
  • projects/*/linux: disable CONFIG_MOVABLE_NODE
  • projects/*/linux: disable CONFIG_AMD_NUMA
  • projects/*/linux: enable CONFIG_STRIP_ASM_SYMS
  • projects/*/linux: disable CONFIG_BOOT_PRINTK_DELAY
  • e2fsprogs: remove unneeded applets from image
  • alsa-utils: improve soundconfig to handle more then 2(1) cards
  • v4l-utils: add default mapping for XBOX-One remote support
  • Revert “xbmc: wait on udev trigger service”
  • busybox: enable local support
  • busybox: make unicode characters printable
  • installer: careful when trying to handle emmc devices

For a full changelog on what’s new, follow this link.

Version number 4.0.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website OpenELEC
License type GPL