Software update: NVmax 0.954

This time again it is Muyz who informs us about the latest version of NVmax. You can view the full program here download and the upgrade is here to take down. This version uses only 61% memory compared to the previous versions of NVmax. These features have also been added / updated:

  • AGP Fastwrites (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*
  • Irongate 2X (Win2k) *FINAL FIX*
  • Irongate SBA (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*
  • AGP rate selector (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*
  • Custom LOD Bias Adjust from -256 to +256.
  • W-Buffer option for programs which support it.
  • W-Buffer 32 and 16 bit color selector.

Version number 0.954
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website NVmax