Software update: NTLite 1.0.0 build 2753 beta

Dino Nuhagic is developing NTLite, a program that allows users to create a custom-built Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 installation CD. Dino is no stranger to this field, as he is also the creator of nLite and vLite, which do the same thing, but for Windows XP and Vista.

Among other things, NTLite can remove unused components and add hotfixes, updates, and drivers. In addition, it is possible to make many settings, apply tweaks and answer questions that arise during installation, such as the registration key, user accounts and network settings. In this way, the program shortens the installation time.

New is that NTLite can also modify an already installed Windows. Also new is that there are different versions. The basic version is free, but has limited functionality. For example, only a limited number of components can be removed and it is not possible to modify an existing installation. The full version costs just under 45 euros and a commercial license can also be purchased. Since the previous entry in the Downloads, the following changes and improvements have been made:

1.0.0 beta build 2753


  • Source: Win10 10041 support
  • Updates: KB3012199 smart sort (solves Update 1 integration error 122)
  • Removals: Fax doesn’t need Windows Mail
  • Removals: IE Print Preview doesn’t need XPS


  • Removals: ‘Prepare data’ tool crash in some cases
  • Removals: Win7 ‘Desktop Window Manager’ removal was breaking some services
  • Source: Win7 image loading crash for some custom updated ISOs


  • General: Removed multi-instance experimental option from Settings

1.0.0 beta build 2706


  • Components: Internet Connection Sharing removal error 1332
  • Components: ‘NTVDM 16-bit subsystem’ (32-bit only) ‘vdmdbg.dll’ kept
  • Compatibility: Printing compatibility expanded to cover more
  • Source: ESD compression crash (32-bit issue)


  • WLAN Autoconfig renamed to WLAN support and includes Wi-Fi Display


  • Components Win7: Moved Firewall under ICS in (offline) image edit

1.0.0 beta build 2701


  • Drivers: Export host driver
  • Components UI: Export image driver
  • Components: Distributed Link Tracking Client
  • Components: Application Layer Gateway Service
  • Components: Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
  • Components: Send To Mail and Desktop
  • Components: Mouse Pointers
  • Components: Memory Diagnostic
  • Components: Boot Manager (EFI)
  • Components: Boot Manager (PCAT)
  • Components: .NET 4 Setup Cache
  • Components: Ease Of Access Themes
  • Components-Win7: Other Themes
  • Compatibility: Printing
  • Tweaks: UAC tweaks
  • Tweaks: Enable linked connections


  • Components: Fax and Internet printing split from Printing
  • Components: OEM info drivers now also show original INF name
  • Compatibility: Unified VMWare Machine compatibility list
  • Source: Showing WIM Flags on the image list


  • Components: Speech Recognizer merged with Speech Common
  • Components-Win7: Gadget platform unlocked in free version
  • UI: Removals renamed to Components, Target to Source


  • Components: Group Policy Editor Filter functionality after removals
  • Components: English (US) removal fixed and unlocked for other languages

Version number 1.0.0 build 2753 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website NTLite
File size


License type Freeware/Paid